Thursday, 11 December 2014

My Art Project!!

                       Here is my Art project inspired by Warren Pohatu. Hope you Enjoy

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Term 4 Reflection

For this term,  my highlights would have to be having a best friend and working hard in everything I do. I love working hard and pushing myself to work even better. I like having a good teacher that is always helping me out if I am stuck. Making progress is what I need to do throughout this whole term.

My learning is the main thing I need to focus on. But I have made progress this term and i'm very proud. Improving more you can achieve and do anything. My favourite subject is writing because i'm good at it. Writing is fun and interesting for me and it really helps my learning.

I’m not a really confident person. I am always shy in class but when I am outside I feel comfortable. I talk to my friends and I play with them and relax. I love that I have a netbook to work on when I am at school it really helps me with my learning .

I love working and being able to use a netbook. I need to be confident and never doubt myself and I can do anything. And I have family to support me when I am stuck on something. And I have no idea what to do.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

My best buddy - Rave

At Pt England school I have a best friend and her name is Rave. We always there for each other no matter what happens. Sometimes we fight but we are friends and that just was friends do. Rave and I love handball with our friends. We love talking and relaxing and hand games too.

Me and Rave started being friends this year. I have other friends that play with me as well. But Rave is closer to me and we like playing with each other. Rave is my best friend in my class. My other friends are Iisa, Helen, Leila and Jordan. They are all my friends and we all like playing handball.

I am older than Rave. I am 12 and Rave is 11 turning 12. When we started school me and Rave didn't know each other. Until now we are best friends forever. Rave is my bestie. We use to sit in the front of each other and not talk because we didn't know each other.

Until I got to meet her properly and we just became friends and played every time. Rave is the best friend I have ever had. I know who good. I know everything she likes and what movies she likes. Its like we were meant to be friends. We are always there for eachother. #BESTFRIENDSFOREVER

Monday, 8 December 2014

My splendid weekend.

In the weekends I played with my little brothers. We were outside playing rugby and having fun. We had some lemonade that my mum made and we were talking and eating fruit and enjoying ourselves.

While playing rugby. It was kids vs adults. Me and my brother were so pumped to tackle them. But it wasn't fair at all. Adults are stronger than kids. But me and my brother never gives up. With my dad yelling “tap the ball already”. So we tapped the ball and ran into my mum and dad.

My brother was holding the ball ready to tackle my parents. And then he got tackled and then my brother passed the ball to me and I stepped my dad and got a trie. I was happy me and my brother did our victory dance and my parents started laughing because we won and our dance look funny.

After we had a laugh. We had something to eat. We had some fruit and laid on the grass. And me and my brother jumped on the trampoline. As we were jumping my brother accidentally jumped off and sprained his ankle.

But at the end of the day it was a splendid day for our family. We had so much fun. And it was the best weekends ever. My family is the best and we can play anything. My parents are real funny and my weekends was amazing. And also entertaining by my mum.

Friday, 5 December 2014

Jaedyn`s Birthday!!

Today is my brothers birthday. He is turning 2 today. Happy birthday Jaedyn. I am so happy its his birthday. Sometimes he can be a little bit annoying but thats just how my little brother does things around the house.

Getting up in the morning with Jaedyn saying my name. I quickly remembered that it was his birthday. I said Happy birthday Jaedyn and gave him a kiss on the cheek . He was happy and running around.

He is growing up fast. He is going to have a special day today. He is going to have a lovely cake and we gonna have a bbq.  I hope he is happy and he loves his day. My mum sang him the happy birthday song to him and he laughed and kissed my mum and hugged her.

My brother is really cute. My dad didn't get the chance to say happy birthday but he will when he gets home. I love my brother with all my heart and he is the most cutest but not as cute as my other brother Hunter.


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Future Aspirations!

To Miharo Hoki
Amelia - Fashion Label
Andrew Patterson
Anthony S
Try your best
Never give up
Do good in life

Today at Pt England school, the teachers had exciting news for us. We had 4 inspiring and intelligent people come into the senior block to talk about  future aspirations. It was held in the street. The names of those 4 special people are Paula Fakalata, Amelia Unufe, Anthony Samuels and Andrew Patterson.

Speaking first was Anthony Samuels. He was talking about his life when he was involved in a kids show called ‘What Now’. It was a long time ago. And he was also talking about ‘To Miharo Hoki’, which means ‘You are amazing’. Anthony has also worked for many people. He has worked for Jason Gunn and Simon Barnett.

Next speaking was a guy by the name of Paula Fakalata. Paula is a presenter for a group called ‘Attitude’. He was talking to us about what he does and how we need to try our best in everything. He was also funny. He was talking to us about his funny stories to us and he was really entertaining.

Last to speak was Amelia Unufe. She was talking about fashion. She had a passion for fashion and clothes. Amelia really wants to do her own fashion label. Amelia is Tongan and she had an interest for clothes, fabric and sewing too. She plans to do her own business for clothes. She also had support from other people to encourage her to do better.

Overall we were glad how they felt and told us what they want to do in the future. Those 4 people came and they taught us about something in life. We have to make good decisions and make sure that we always try our best at everything.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Thank you letter: Shantna

Dear Shantna,

I would like to say a big thank you for your help. Without your help we wouldn't have gone on the trip. Thank you for giving up your time and supporting us on the trip.  A big thanks for your help on the trip to the Auckland Museum. You were really helpful and you were funny as well.

We were glad that you came on the trip because you were a very good parent helper. I was really hoping you were going to be in my group. And you were. I have never had a funny and independent parent in my life. You were really kind and its was a pleasure having you .

I really liked when we were all listening to you sometimes at the moment. As the girls going up and down and the boys wandering around I think that our group was pretty good with you. We were co operating as a team and helping each other when we were all stuck on something all because of you.

But anyways again thank you very much. You have been the best parent helper. So thank you and I hope you can come on another trip with us some time. Thanks for supporting us, we appreciate it.

Yours Sincerely
Nikita (Class 2)

Monday, 24 November 2014

My Weekends!

During the weekends i had so much fun on Sunday. As me and my family were getting up early in the morning. My dad decided that we should go out and have a bike ride at the BMX course.

So we quickly got up and got dressed and make sure that we had water incase we get thirsty. And then we starting riding our bikes while my mum and my 2 little brothers were in the pram walking.

As we arrived at the course, me and my brother went on the course and we were going to race. My dad shouted “ 1 2 3 GO!”.  Off we went on the track. We were going up hills that were dangerous and going down hills which was the fun part, and around a curved part on the track and then to the finish line.

My brother was catching up to me but i was too good for him to beat me. I was winning and he was at the back and he was angry at me because he was slow and i was faster. I won. I was so happy my family was cheering for me and i was so proud that i won.

We left the track and came back home and had something to eat. We had pizza with hot chips. We ate in our garage and played some pool. Pool is not the pools that you go to its a pool table. We ate and after we finished eating then we played some pool and we were listening to music.

I was playing against my dad in pool. I was so close to beating him but then i lost. My dad has been practising and we have so much fun. My dad does tricks to get his pool balls in, because he tries to be funny and he is. He makes us laugh and he dances crazy.

Overall it was fun and my dad was really entertaining. That had been the best day of my life with my family. I was so happy that we got to do something fun. I had a blast and so did my family. Next week on Sunday we are going to do it again!

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


In my family i have 4 siblings. They are all boys, and there names are Tyson, Dartanian, Jaedyn and Hunter the youngest. I also have a mum named Josephine and a dad named Murphy. My mum is 34 years of age and my dad is 39 years of age.

I am the only girl in my family it really stinks not having another sister. I would really want a sister but you can't hope that its a girl. I am 12 years old and i am the oldest out of my 4 brothers. I am a very lucky girl i have two cute brothers that i take care of and i love my other brothers and my dad and mum.

Our culture is Niuean. My mum is from the island of Tamakautoga and Avasele. Also my dad is from the island of Lakepa. We love learning our language its really good that we learn. If we learn we know how to speak to other people that speak to us in our language.

Me and my family love going to the beach and having fun. We also love going to birthdays. We do traditional things on special occasions.  We have island things like we make island food we make things and sew things. There are many things that we create . I love being a Niuean.

In my whole entire family i have heaps of cousins, uncles and aunties. All of them know me and I know them. They love me for who I am and i love them too. I love my family, because they cheer me up when I am down and i love when they cheer me up.

Tuesday, 18 November 2014


In school you can achieve many things if you try. During school you get to learn and share things that you haven't learned before. As for students you need to work hard and never give up no matter what you are doing.

You have teachers that help you learn at school. Teachers are well educated and they really help you when you are stuck with something. The teachers at school help you, that’s just what they do.

Being at school is really important for you. Its good for your brain and it helps you learn more things and you can become intelligent. It also helps you to create good habits, such as, making sure that you are on task at school and you're doing the right thing at the right time in the right place.

You don't want to get in trouble for doing something that you have done wrong. Learn from your mistakes and be a role model at school. School really helps you and teachers co-operate with you to make sure that you make sure that you are on task and learn more instead of doing nothing and mucking around. That’s not what teachers are there for.

They are here for your learning. And they don't have to waste their time helping you if you don't want to learn anything. No one will be able to  help you at all. So be a role model and remember learn and you can achieve anything. Never give up.

Monday, 10 November 2014

Writing Test 2014 Unedited

Kindness, Sharing, Friends, Help, Co-Operating, Friendship,Protect,Partnership, Caring, Happy, Joyful, Feelings, Believing ....

Para 1: How to be a good friend
Para 2:  Why its important to be a good friend
Para 3: Why do you need to be a good friend
Para 4: How to help out your friend if they are in trouble
Para 5: Conclusion

Part of being a good friend is talking to one another. Being a good friend is like caring and helping them out. To just show them that you care and you know how they feel. Making sure that you are always helping your friends out its better to be kind to each other.

Its important to be a good friend because you care about someone, that cares for you. Thats being a true friend and you really care about one another as much as they care for you. When you help someone out they’ll return a favour and help you out whenever you're in trouble.

Why do you need to be a good friend you ask? Well you need to be a good friend to pretty much everyone. Even if you dont know them and they are in trouble still help them out and care. Believing in yourself you can help anyone.

If your friend is in a serious situation then you need to help immediately.  Just help out anyone who's in trouble just go and help. Co-operate with them and know how they feel. Being a role model helping people and caring for them makes friends really happy. What a true friend you are.

You see being a good friend is always looking out for each other . Care for other people`s feelings. You know how they feel and what they have been through. So its better to be a true friend then not helping them out. Be a good role model and help out people. Look out for one another, Be kind.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


What is fireworks you ask? Well fireworks are things that set up into the sky with a boom! When fireworks are lit up and into the sky there is a boom and different colours of different fireworks coming out of sticks and many more.

Fireworks a things that get lightened up and set off into the sky. Fireworks happens once a year on the 5th of November. Guy fawkes is for children to enjoy and have fun on this special occasion.

Every year some people decide if they want to do fireworks or not. Maybe your family would love to watch other fireworks light and set off if you're not doing fireworks.

If there was one fireworks I had to choose I probably choose black cat. Because it looks cool. And it has a lot of different things that you won’t expect. I love their neon lights because they are fun and cool. There are many more brands but I had to choose black cat.

Auckland Museum.!

When most people go to the Auckland Museum they usually see carvings, sculptures, paintings and many more. The Year 7s at Pt England school recently went on a trip to the Auckland Museum to get inspired by the fantastic art at the Museum.

There are many things that you can discover in the Auckland Museum. There are different types of art from a long time ago. There will be art from decades ago.  

When you go to the museum you usually discover art, sculptures, carvings and many more. When you go to the museum there are different art galleries and many sculptures and carvings.

In the pacific galleries there were sections to section off different galleries that you could go in to. There was a samoan section, tongan section, cook island section and many more.
At the museum we got to discover different types of art that we never go to see before. We saw different types of art that are from different countries around the world. Like Asia, samoa, tonga, cook island and more.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Athena`s 1st Birthday!

On Saturday me and my family went to my little cousin`s birthday. Here are some picture of me dancing at my cousin`s birthday.

Here is a picture of my little cousin and her family. Happy Birthday Athena!!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014



Having sleep is very important . As humans we need sleep. Sleep gives our body a rest and lets our body prepare for a new day.  The amount of sleep that a human needs depends on her or his age.

Usually when parents are angry and clumsy that means they didn't get enough sleep at all. So that means there body has not prepared and they need to sleep. If you don't sleep its really important to. Because if you don't then your body doesn't develop properly.

Sleep is healthy for your body. Its important to  keep your body well and make sure to have enough sleep every night. As for a child having a busy day. Going school, training for basketball and other activities. After a busy day your body needs a rest after all that hard work you have done.

In our body we need sleep. Working hard after a busy day your body needs a rest .

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Art Attack Title Page:

Here I have done a little movie about Art Attack.

Celtic Knots:

Here I have me and my 2 friends celtic knots . Me and my friends Rave and Iisa made this design just using our bare hands and colouring it in. You can see that it really stands out. I think that me and my friends did a great job.

Tattoo Design:

Here I have done a design. This design represents my culture. As you can see there are 2 designs. This means a lot to me and my family as well as my culture. Its good to do your culture designs.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Immersion Assembly Team 4!

At Point England school we have an immersion assembly held in the hall at the start of every new term. It’s when Point England school comes together to see what our new topic is for the term. This term our topic is Art Attack!

First up was team 1. They will be learning about the beach and our environment to inspire their art. The teachers did a little item pretending like they were at the beach having fun. The teachers were really funny.

Following Team 1 was Team 2 who are focusing on primary and secondary colours. There was a little film about mixing colours and what the primary colours are, which are blue, yellow and red. The film was about singing the primary colours and trying to mix them together to see what they make.

Next up to entertain us was Team 3 who will be learning about different types of artists from a long time ago. Team 3 was telling us their names and what they do in life. There were artists like Da Vinci, Andy Warhol and many more.  

With a funny act was team 4 who will also be learning also about old artists too. One of the teachers were really funny and was really entertaining us with his accent. The crowd was laughing and then the audience had to vote whose painting was the best.

To finish off assembly was team 5. They were focusing about different types of paintings and learning about artists. The teachers had a little painting demonstration for us. There was a movie played that was 4 mins long. Once they were done the crowd didn't know what the paintings were. But when they flipped the paintings the right way, there were portraits of three teachers.

Overall its really good to start every term with an immersion assembly. The reason is because you get to know what your topic is and you learn things that you haven't learned before. Now Point England school is learning about Art Attack!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Free Writing.

In the holidays we were suppose to go to the mangere pools but it started rainy and it was horrible. We just went in the car and drove all the way to my nanna`s to see how she was. We saw my cousin`s there and we started playing and having fun inside. Outside was rainy and terrible and we couldn't play because we could have gotten sick and that wouldn't be an awful thing for our parents.

After we finished playing with my cousin`s we had to leave. I was sad that we were leaving because we had fun. Then we drove to pak'n'save to do some shopping. We got some good groceries for home. Then after that we went and brought something yummy to eat when we get home.

When we went home we made up some games that were fun. We played them and it was really entertaining. My mum and dad were happy that we had fun for once. At least we did something instead of staying home and doing nothing. We did some things that were fun and enjoyable.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

My Made Up Story:

Once upon a time there lived a lazy princess . Her name was Mia. She was 14 and she was the laziest person you can ever come across. She couldn't do her laundry or clean up her room. Her mum and dad were excepting a lovely clean princess but it turned out they were wrong.

Every Time it was breakfast Mia would always have toast with everything. Toast with peanut butter, jam, honey, butter, Nutella and other things . Sometimes Mia can be a little bit bossy.

When Mia has been told by her father that she has to clean her room . Mia always has to do something to get her out of doing her room. Her mother every day now, she always sees Mia`s clothes everywhere. And her poor mother has always been doing her laundry. Her mother is getting sick of her mess.

While Mia`s mother was finishing the touches onto the dinner table Mia was happy like nothing has been happening to her life. She was so happy that she lost her mind!. She eat her dinner plate like a maniac, and off back to her room.

After dinner Mia`s parents started talking about her attitude and how she is reacting. So her parents thought about it and thought that she needs to change a lot. As Mia`s parents walked to her room feeling proud that they are helping her change her life.

As soon as the parents knocked on the door and entered. They were shocked. So then they got sick of her mess and yelled at her to clean up her room spick and span. She gasped and then got angry. She yelled back and said stay away from me, while walking out on her parents with her face red.

Locked in her room Mia was thinking about her future and what she will become. Looking at all the mess she had done to her room and her house she realized that she was being awful to her parents. So she went down stairs and apologized to her mother and father. But they weren't there. There was no sign of them anywhere.

On the bench there was a note on the table. That said. Mia we are gone for the afternoon to do some shopping. I left your dinner plate in the fridge just warm it up. Be safe. Love Mum & Dad. Mia was so devastated that she didn't get the chance to apologize to her parents. And thats the end of my story for today.

The moral of the story is always clean your room and help your mum out.

The End

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Rave and Nikita MTV from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Here is my video that I created in just one day. Hope you enjoy!!

Little Baby Brothers

In family I have 2 little baby brothers. There names are Hunter and Jaedyn. Hunter is 6 months going on to his 1’s. And Jaedyn is 1 years old going on to his 2’s. They are really cute and chubby as well. As a big sister they always love me instead of my brother Dartanian.

Hunter’s birthday is on December the 15th. As well as Jaedyn his birthday is on December the 5th. I can’t wait until there birthdays come up because we do something special. I love my little baby brothers they are so fun.

When they are feeling sad I always cheer them up. But instead my brother just yells and tells me to come and grab them. My little baby brothers don’t really get along with Dartanian. When I always say “come”. They always put there hands out and that means they want me.

Sometimes Jaedyn gets jealous because we are more focusing on Hunter. He thinks he is the main baby but he’s not. We have to focus on my other little brother because he is the littlest one. But we still play with him and we make him happy.

Ta Kilikiki and Kilikiti Unique Sport!

This here is my movie that I have created with my Friend Rave. I hope you Enjoy!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Elections 2014

With a great outcome, National has won again. Our National leader is John Key. He has been fighting with the leader of labour which is David Cunliffe. Both National and Labour try and get more people to vote for their party.

There have been people all over our country voting for either party. Labour has been fighting for more people to vote for them, because Labour hasn't been winning that much. 

They mostly lose and they never get the opportunity to win for once. Most people vote for Labour but then they end up not winning at all. Sometimes people don’t vote at all.

Overall National won. Its great to see that National won but most people would like to see Labour just for one time to win and be happy that they won. But it voting is done and finish. Overall National had the chance to win.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Ta Kilikiki

‘Ta Kilikiki’ is the Niuean translation for cricket. In Samoan, it is ‘kilikiti’. Kilikiki is played in a traditional and cultural way. It is a summer sport that can be played by children starting from the age of 11 and upwards. With ‘kilikiki’ there are around about 20 - 25 players on each side, that challenge each other to see who will win the game. In Niue it is a village competition to see which village will win the overall title for the island, and the islanders in Niue take ‘kilikiki’ very seriously.

The equipment that you need for ‘Ta Kilikiki’ are TAU OLO (6 wickets, 3 on each side), UA E PAKE (2 bats) which are half long circle bats made by each team who are competing, FA E KA KAHO (4 bamboo sticks), 2 balls. When the game starts the 2 players who are first to bat come up and stand in front of the wickets ready to bat, and then there are 4 players two on each end holding the long bamboo sticks ready to run when the batters hit the ball these runners are called TALI POE they are the ones who get the points for the batter.

 All the batter does is hit the ball and stay`s while the TALI POE run`s and gets the points, if they get out then that batter is out and has to swap with another player who is waiting on the sideline with their team and who is going to bat next. The opposition team have TAU TAGATA SEKA which are the bowlers, one on each end who try their best to get the batter out. The rest of the players from the opposite team are the fielders who also try their best to get the batters from the other team out by spreading out and trying to catch or stop the ball from scoring high points for the other team.

When all the team members have batted then it is time to swap over so the other team who were bowling and fielding end up batting. If they reach the other teams score than the game is over and that team win. A very similar game to cricket but with a traditional twist.  And thats how you play ‘Ta Kilikiki’. I had a little help from mum with the Niuean Translations.

Cross Country 2014.

Cross country is a very long run, which takes a lot of exercise and training to prepare for it. Cross country is a long distance run. It helps a person’s ability to run long distance. Pt England school had cross country on the 11th of September.

Pt England school comes together and does a big run. There are 2 or more house captains in each house colour. The colours that are involved are Takitumu (Yellow), Te Arawa (Red), Tainui (Blue) and the last house is Matatua (Green).  Us students can dress into our cross country house colours if we want to. All of Pt England students are involved in the big run.

Depending on the age of a person, the cross country has different distances. The younger students are, the shorter the distance. The older they are, the longer the distance. Due to the fact that cross country is a very long distance and lengthy run, it pushes a person to complete the run.

Cross country is similar to a marathon. But it's not. A marathon is much longer and it takes more preparation and training for. Cross country is a race that you can push yourself.

You see cross country is not that easy. And you really have to push yourself to finish the race off properly.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Prize Giving: Tyson

These are some pics of my brother Tyson. He is at his Rugby prize giving. And look at those trophy's. Our family was really proud of him and his successful trophy's.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Argument - Ban Plastic Bags

Date: Tuesday 2nd September 2014

Dear Prime Minister John Key

I am writing this letter to make a complaint about how many plastic bags  are going into the Pacific Ocean. Our sea creatures are suffering and dying because of the plastic bags that have been thrown into our sea.

As a concerned student our large supermarkets use a lot of plastic bags. At supermarkets and at shopping outlets, plastic bags should be charged for 10c or 60c at least. Too many plastic bags are being dumped or end up in our oceans which affects the marine life.

Plastic bags damage our environment. I am sure that we can agree that if we do take a step, we as a country can all make a change . So Mr Key, we need a law change to be able to start banning plastic bags or charging people for more.

We should use less plastic bags and begin caring more for our creatures in the sea.  

Yours sincerely
Pt England School

Friday, 29 August 2014

Writing An Argument.

I agree with the argument that children should exercise everyday because it’s healthy for your body. One of the reasons why exercising is good for your body, is because it can build up the muscles.
  Another reason why children should exercise, is because if you exercise everyday then you can get fitter and fitter. You never know, if you exercise you can become a fit athlete. Children who exercise daily will build up their strength and grow up to be healthy teenagers and adults.

 Exercising is really important. You can get better and better at sports. You can become a champion and then you can compete in any sport. When you see rugby teams like the All Blacks, they train so hard that they win and succeed in their games.

 If you were a fit person and your friend is not fit, who do you think will last longer in a race? It’s really obvious that the fit person will last longer. That’s because the fit person has been exercising everyday.

In conclusion I believe that children should exercise everyday!.

Friday, 22 August 2014

Explanation Writing

Nikita: Why taking care of your mind and body is so important.

Taking care of your mind and body is like something precious to you and your mind and body is precious. For example you're mind is the main thing that gets your body going. It travels messages to your brain and you follow those messages its like doing things that you want to do.

There are so many things that can damage your body even if you are 10 years old and up and it is even if you are an adult can happen that aren't expected in your life. If you're brain is damage because you have put something in your body that you shouldn't have then you can have serious damage.

If you take drugs or alcohol it does not just affect you it also affects your family and others. Alcohol and drugs are very bad to put in your body even if you are just starting on taking drugs or alcohol . If you follow the path that dumb and silly people do you're life won't turn up as you wanted it too.

Drugs and alcohol can really affect you and the inside of you. If you put things aren't suppose to be in don't do it and don't try it. It’s bad for you. And it does not like the fact that you are putting things that shouldn't be in there. Drugs can put very bad things into your life.

Like if you were at work and you took drugs then you might lose control,  change attitude or you can die and it won't be very happy for your family and friends. Even if you are in jail things won’t go the way it was planned.You see when something bad has been put in your body it doesn't end up good. You got to take care of your body and epically your mind .

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Life Education.

Over the past few weeks we have been to the life education caravan. We have been learning about alcohol and drugs, and how they can affect your brain as well as other things that are important in your body.

We were talking about the people who had that addiction to alcohol and drugs. For example there was Malcolm, Zeb, James, Rita, Vivienne,  Amy and Jason. We watched a video that showed us about drugs and alcohol addictions.  In the video there were people getting interviewed like Malcolm, Zeb, James and the others that were mentioned. James wasn't interviewed because when he took too much alcohol and he died.

As for alcohol and drugs they can really damage your brain. If you take alcohol and drugs often then you are addicted to it. And meaning addicted is when you can’t get enough of it. There are some effects of what alcohol and drugs can do. You can lose memory, you can sometimes be unconscious and you can really change or affect your behaviour.

We have learned so much about how you shouldn't take drugs or start on drinking either. It has taught class 2 a lesson, even me, never to drink or take drugs. You should never follow the path of your friends doing stupid things just because they're doing it.

Friday, 25 July 2014

Commonwealth Games 2014!!

5 Facts that I already know about the Commonwealth Games:

There is 71 countries who compete in the commonwealth games.
Winners earn their own gold medals.
There are 17 sports in the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.
The Commonwealth Games is simpler than the Olympics
Scotland is hosting the Commonwealth games 2014.

Useful links:

10 new facts that I found out about the Commonwealth Games: (include a link to the site where you found your information. Your information needs to be in your own words)

Netball has been the only female sporting the commonwealth games 2014
. In the commonwealth games it has been the first time that women boxing has been included in the commonwealth games.
New Zealand and Australia have attended every games
Between 1930 and 2010 India has 4352 athletes that have competed in the commonwealth games.
New Zealand have 230 athletes competing in the commonwealth games.
Oceania has 14 countries competing in the commonwealth games.
America only have 6 countries competing in the commonwealth games.
Originally the games were called British Empire Games.
50% of people in the commonwealth games are under 25 years of age.
The first commonwealth games took place in Canada, 1930.