Thursday, 29 March 2012

How to make a glow stick

The movie  I watched was really really cool, because it was about making a glow stick. I really enjoyed it very much.This video was a chemistry experiment.In a glow stick it is about what goes into the glow stick and what the ingredients do to it.Did you know that if you do not put any dye in your glow stick it will not glow.But if you do it will have energy and it will glow.  

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Get Lost

My team went off to play get lost. First we had to get into a group of four. We had to go down to the beach and sing the national anthem to Mr Marks. Next, we had to dress up someone in our group and that was DJ, we dressed her up like Angelina Jolie. After that we had to eat disgusting frog eggs! Every time we did something we got the teachers to sign our paper. It was so fun playing 'Get Lost'.


When the Repectstars went kayaking I was so scared because it was my first time kayaking. I didn’t like the way that people were crashing into my boat, luckily I had a life jacket to keep me safe from the water. It helped that I had a partner who had kayaked before. I really liked kayaking because we had a swim at the end of our lesson.

Thursday, 15 March 2012

My Camp Story

Guess what?On Wednesday the 15 of march year 5 and 6`s went to camp.It was so cool because I had the best camp in my whole life.I liked my camp teacher because he is so much fun.I was so happy when it was camp because I was in a tent with my best friends.

First we did a course by working as a team.Then it did`nt turn out right because we lost, and it was very hard and we were not working as a team.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Dr Ben Carson

On the 6th of march Pt  England School were going to see Dr Ben Carson. First we got in a bus then drove down to the Telstra Clear Pacific Events Centre. We got out of the bus and lined up and there were heaps of schools there too. After that we went inside the stadium and sat down on flash chairs. then everyone had to sing the Duffy song.

In the Centre Dr Ben Carson came and told us about his life.Because when he was a child he went to school and he thought he was the dummy in his classroom. Ben’s mum encouraged him to go to the library where he  taught himself to read. Working really hard he eventually became a brain surgeon.

Friday, 2 March 2012

The Picnic

Running down to the sand was amazing.I was helping my friend out,and we were putting sand around her whole body and  made her a nice pillow out of sand. As she got up
she busted it down and I had to start all over again!!.

I am trying to get this clay out of the cliff, but it’s so hard. Someone came up and told me that if I \ put water on the clay and it will come out much easier. Unfortunately I didn’t get any water because I couldn’t find a bucket. Looking in the sand, I found two clay balls that people had left behind.

Finally I went back to our shady tree and got my morning tea out of my bag. I was starving.