Monday, 30 July 2012

The Flaming Torch

The Olympic flame started at the ancient Olympic games which was in Olympia, Greece.The first touch was ignited by the sun. In the closing of the Olympic games they were putting the flames out.

Nowadays, the tradition continues, 4 months until the Olympic games women were dressed in ancient style robes these women were lighting the touch just by using a curved mirror and the sun. When the torch was lit the women passed it to the runner and it keeps on going until they get to host city.

The most important thing about the opening ceremony is lighting the flames.It burns for two weeks until the Olympic games have concluded.

Friday, 20 July 2012

The Olympics

Olympism is a life philosophy that encourages Sport,Culture, and Education.There are 3 original values,Excellence,Friendship, and Respect.

Excellence is not about winning,it's about participating in each sport,striving,and achieving your goals.Also reaching your own personal best in your daily lives.The Olympics is about giving people a chance at every sport.

Men and Women are standing in the centre with team spirit and encouragement.The Olympics encourage the athletes to become friends and to be happy with happiness and joy.    

This value inspires those who take part in every olympic program.The rules of the olympic games are to respect oneself,one's body and one another.In the olympics you have to have a fabulous attude and you have to play fair.