Thursday, 29 November 2012

Nikita`s Singing Strawberry Animation

This is a little Movie I made that is called A singing strawberry.I made this on iMovie.
So sit back and enjoy and I hope you like it.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Manaiakalani Film Festival

This was made by the talented Tamaki College. Here is a link to their blog

Yesterday we went to the Manaiakalani Film Festival at the movies.  All of our school went to show off with pride. Watching the movies, I thought they were so amazing. My favourite one was One Direction By Tamaki College.  They were out of this world and they blew my mind... \

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Sprint Racing

Getting started for a sprint race Mr J put all of us in rows. I was shaking and nervous Mr J called our row I was freezing and I was starting to get goose bumps it was not cool for me. Our teacher said "on your marks" "get set" and that is when the clappers went. Off I go running down my lane.I was very shy but I said to myself “i can do it,i know i can” I said.

We were doing the 100 meters race that means we have to go right to the end.I came no where but I am still happy of myself.I tried my best and tried my hardest but I couldn't make it that far.I am still proud,happy,lovely and lovely girl.I wish my mum and little brother we're here to see my race.But I concentrated on my race.You all know that you can achieve you goals and keep keep on trying your hardest you can do it.

Scary Doll Retail

The town was empty no one was there just Alma. She felt very strange and weird too. Her mum told her to go out and win something.
While Alma was skipping in the freezing cold snow, she came to a large blackboard. Pulling a chalk out of her pocket, she wrote her name  - ALMA. Fabulous!!.

Hearing a strange sound, Alma went to the doll shop  window and wiped the snow off it. Up came a doll. Alma was surprised that this doll had the same colour hair. She had everything the same,  but not the right coloured eyes. Alma was very attracted to the doll, she really wanted to have it. Trying to open the door, Alma was angry. It was locked! She made a snow ball and chucked it on the door. Bam!! The door opened.

Alma was very happy. She opened the door and went inside. Dolls were everywhere, she was completely surrounded. Alma spotted her doll in the middle of the shop. While walking towards it,  she bumped into a boy on a bike. She lifted it up and it went right to the door he was warning Alma. But Alma was only interested in the doll that looked just like her. Alam looked up and the doll disappeared out of her sight. She was looking everywhere but it wasn't there. She found it up on the shelves.

Alam climbed up a chair and took one mitten off her hands. She was reaching and reaching and she got up towards her eyes and ZAP!!!! she went in. Heavy breathing she couldn't move anything except her eyes. She knew that that little boy on the bike was warning her. Then a new doll came up from the basement

Friday, 2 November 2012

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Retail

Poor Charlie hadn't eaten anything,his tummy was rumbling. While walking along the street, Charlie noticed something. He bent down and saw a silver coin in the drain. He grabbed it and went off feeling a little bit lucky........

As Charlie walked into the shop, he quickly thought  about which chocolate bar he wanted. He wanted the biggest one they had. “May I have a bar of scrumdiddlyumptious chocolate please? ” he asked the shopkeeper nicely. “ Sure you may” replied the shopkeeper. “Here you go” “Thank you” said Charlie “You're welcome” called the shopkeeper.

Ripping the wrapper off, Charlie shoved it in and didn't bother thinking if he had missed something. Charlie was very rude eating the chocolate greedly in the front of people.He walked out and thought “Should I get one more?” So Charlie went back and bought another one for Grandpa Joe. ”I would like to get one more please? “Sure” said the man giving Charlie the chocolate.

After Charlie had bought Grandpa Joe`s bar of chocolate, he walked slowly out the door. He saw a crowd gathering around the newspaper guy. ”Hey what's this yapping about?” asked Charlie “Have you read the newspaper. It said The Fifth Ticket was fake?” Charlie realised that he still had a chance to get that last ticket.

Charlie took the chocolate out of his bag and ripped the first layer. Carefully, Charlie opened the corner of the bar of chocolate. And there it was the last  golden ticket. Giving Charlie a huge fright, a lady pulled his arm and said “he`s got it he`s got it” Charlie was very frightened by the crowd of jostling people. ”Hey leave him alone” yelled the newspaper man. Charlie was pushing and trying to get through the crowd. ”Run home Charlie and don`t stop until to get there”.