Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Math Whizz

On Math Whizz I have been learning about answering Subtraction question on Pencil and Paper. Here is some samples of what I have been doing this term on maths whizz.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Getting Ready For Fiafia

YEAH! Fiafia Is coming I can't wait. Every Thursdays and Fridays we go off to our Fiafia
practice to celebrate the 60th anniversary for Pt England Primary School. Every person in the school we get to choose a group to join into. I have picked a island group and that group is the Niuean Fiafia Group. In the Niuean Group we practice 5 times to get it right. Our 4 things for our performers is our Entrance,Hopo,Kafiti e nui e the song and the Takalo with our own made spears.

I think I love my culture group because I really want to go on a plane and fly to Niue. I was born in Niue and my mum is from Avasale and tamakautonga. And my dad is from lakepa. I really feel shy and nervous because you will be performing in the front your family and friends and you might get scared and fighted. Fiafia is kind of not my thing I do in life.

Our Fiafia tutors are Mrs Lagitupu and Miss Lavakula.They are really lovely people I ever meet. Mrs Lagitupu has teached us the moves for our dance.On Saturday we went to make our sissy`s and niue arm bracelets for our costumes. We are going to wear a blue lavalava with black flowers on it  and a black singlet underneath. My favorite part was all of us gathering together and doing what we had to do.Also listing to our lovely,beautiful and amazing tutors.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

My Easter Holiday

Fakaalofo Lahi Atu, room 17,18 and 16 girls have been doing wordle about our Easter Holiday.Here is a link