Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Smart Values- With Miss Kyla

In the Middle block. Miss Kyla came to us to talk about Smart Values. We talked about the 3 P`s and how we can be good on-line. Today I learned that I know how to be cyber smart .

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Mr Burt`s - Korero

In the afternoon block, the year 8 and 7`s had a special visitor, from our own principal, Mr Burt. He was welcome to tell us about his history of his ancestors which was his grandfather. Mr Burt talked about his grandfather and how he took part the first world war one. He was talking about how our New Zealanders who fought for our country invented things that had been invented before.   

First he talked about is Technology, is it good or bad? The word he talked about was Militarism. Mr Burt said that Militarism is about when back in the olden days it's when people wanted to start fights for no reason at all.

Like shoving and pushing and arguing to make the fight happened. There were war between the British and the Germans. They were fighting over about how the New Zealanders made a battle ship by the name of Drednort.

Mr Burt told us about how his grandfather was the first man to have his own bicycle. His grandfather had a olden day bicycle. He said that there was no brakes on the bike so when you would go down a hill you will have to use your feet to stop yourself from going fast. Or With stopping the bike you could pick your legs off the ground and let your bike do all the work. It was really weird because wont you like fall off the bike when you going down the hill. Also girls could not ride bikes because back in the olden days girls wore dresses and if they would ride a bike there dress will lift up and it will show there underwear.

This battleship Dreadnought, was all over the newspaper in the olden days and then the Germans made there own battleship that was twice bigger than the New Zealand battleship. The New Zealanders and the Germans were all arguing about how they can crush their ships and how they can destroy it into pieces.

Our Principal also talked about how the soldiers went to dangerous places and how they got bad diseases and they went home and they gave their illness to their children and there wife. Therefore soldiers died due to their sickness from a place where you can get sick and died on that land.

It was really fascinating to see Mr Burt, come into our block and tell us all about his grandfather's journey in the war. Hearing about what New Zealand made and how soldiers died for our country, was really cool and sad.

But I think Mr Burt is happy that his grandfather fought for our country and all the other men who died for New Zealand . It must have been dreadful adventure to kill, bomb others, stab others and shooting them with bullets. But he was welcome to us telling us and hearing a story about how someone in real  life went to war.

Maths - By Nikita

Here I have a presentation. This is what I have learned. I have learned not to over think my questions and just relax and do my work. Measurement was a really hard thing to do in maths. But im glad now that I know what measurement is all about. I have learned about the 4 things we use to measure. MM for millimetres, CM for centimetres, M for Metres and Km which is for Kilometres. My teacher, Miss Peato has taught me with Measurement. At first it was hard and now it looks like I know what measurement is. We learned how to measure with rulers and how to divide and multiply our measurements. And in this presentation I have something to show you I have learned about measurement.

Friday, 8 May 2015

Yummy Anzac Biscuits.

Every week on Fridays we have Zeal Zone. There are 5 group activities.
1. Mr Wisemen which does music
2. Miss Clark and Miss Tito does Art
3. Mrs Moala Geography
4. Miss Peato does sports and fitness
5. and Mrs Tele'a does cooking

As for today on the 8th of May 2015 we went to Mrs Tele'a to make Anzac Biscuits, Me and my 2 partners, Alarzae and Chelsea made a batch of Anzac cookies. I really enjoyed co-operating with my teams mates. We all had a nice time cooking in a group. There for im happy to work in a group and how to have turns doing things together. I had fun.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015


Here we have done another problem me and my partner Sarah. Here is our working out in this drawing as you can see.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Nikita and Sarah`s Math Problem!

Here we have a math problem that me and my partner Sarah and I worked out together.

Friday, 1 May 2015

WW1 Presentation!

Our Presentation for our Zeal Zone about WW1 - World War 1