Thursday, 26 April 2012

Melted Crayons

As Art Alive started to be our topic for this term,room 13  made incredible melted crayons.

Gluing the crayons on the cardboard with hot glue was very sticky and icky.While I was doing that,Marama picked a stencil up and put it down on the canvas and she started to paint. But I heard Miss King telling us a tip, she said make sure you do not move the stencil or it will come out disgusting. As Marama started to finish, we carefully picked up the stencil and our word came out perfectly.

Melting the crayons with a hair dryer,took a while, but after a few minutes they started to melt a lot of the crayons. But the glue did not stick properly because we didn’t put enough glue on the crayons.

As we started to finish ,we noticed our piece of art was looking horrible, I couldn’t even look at it. But it was still fun.