Monday, 31 March 2014

Empathy Movie.

This is a movie about Empathy. And I hope you enjoy it.

Friday, 28 March 2014

Sports At Tamaki.

Every Thursday Class 2,4 and 5 have been walking down to Tamaki College for P.E. It is located in Glen Innes next to the Tamaki R.E.C Centre. We normally have tutors that take our group around and we play games all around the Tamaki College field. For example….. Chain Tag and The Blindfold Challenge. But there are a lot of other games we get to play. We have lovely wonderful tutors too.   

Why do we go down to Tamaki you ask? Well we go to Tamaki to get fit. So for example..... if we wanted to sign up for a sport we want to play. Like... netball you would already be fit and healthy . We walk to Tamaki to play new things and that is such a good exercise. It is really amazing for us to have the chance to go to Tamaki to play some sports. We are all so happy for having the opportunity to play different sports. Maybe you might go to a senior school to play new sports. I wish I could go there everyday.

Our Experience at Tamaki College has been fun. We have 7 groups that have 10 - 12 people per group. It isn’t just boys in one group and girls in the other. It is mixed. We have to participate with boys in our team and the boys have to participate with the girls in there team. In each group we have 2 - 4 tutors. Our leaders are girls and other leaders are boys. I really wanted girls to be my leaders because I like how girls don’t care if we make a mistake. They just keep on encouraging us to get back up and carry on.
At Tamaki we have tutors that take us to different sports. And some of the sports we play are...... umm so hard to choose. Oh yes high jump, chain tag, amazing race, rope jump and other sports like that. Our group did the obstacle course . We had to get with a partner and pick who is going to be blindfolded and one person to guide their partner through the course. My partner was Rave and she was blindfolded. I had to guide her through the obstacle course so she can get to the end. At the end was the scariest bit. Rave had to jump of the deck and land on a soft blue mat. But sometimes people miss the mat. It was so.. hilarious seeing Rave jump. OH man good times . Rave was so… scared jumping while she was blindfolded. But our tutors lead Rave and told her to jump. Then she jumped and all she felt was something soft and she thought it was a bed. The obstacle course was fun and hard. It was all about teamwork and trusting your very own buddy.  

Having fitness at Tamaki College is so important to me and my buddy Nikita. We get healthier and fitter by playing some of the games. It will help us to have lower cholesterol levels in the future. But really we have to go to Tamaki so we can participate in things that we like. For example….. Say I wanted to sign up for a sport like….. Touch. Then if I DO make the team. I would train my hardest and I will try my best to participate with my teammates, and I will not let my teammates and coach down.  

OH and by the way our group is called the Assassins. Just putting that out there. Our group is so amazing. And we get treats at the end of each lesson because we always treat our tutors like we love them. Our tutors told us that we are like a family like. Brothers and sisters related. The leaders lead us to do our best and they do fabulous leadership. They have to tutor us because they are practising leadership for when they grow up and become what they want to be. Most of our leaders are polynesian, Samoan and Tongan.

Do you know what happens at Tamaki College when we do P.E? I thought so. When we play sports we have to listen to our tutors and follow their instructions. Think carefully with what you say and do. And remember to participate in whatever sports you play. When you participate never give up. Always strive to the end and do the best you can. And maybe you can achieve your goals too.  And try your hardest and never give up . So...... just believe in yourself .

Friday, 21 March 2014

Cyclone Lusi.

Do you know what a cyclone is ?. Well a cyclone is like a tornado and a hurricane. But... a cyclone is worse than a tornado and a hurricane. You see a cyclone is a  bad damage kind of wind. It is with all sorts of bad things. Like.... powerful wind, some powers were cut off, A huge pour of rain and dark clouds. Some people were not expecting this cyclone.

In the weekend the cyclone was coming. Oh boy I was so scared. During the cyclone there will be rubbish flying everywhere and powers been cut down too. Also things can get tangled while the cyclone. There is also damage to heaps of buildings and there is a lot of huge waves. SOME families might get evacuated from their own home to move to a safer place. SO that there will be no harm to anyone.  

As soon as my mum said “there is going to be a cyclone”. I got so afraid . I was fighted. I started running around my house like and idiot who does not know what she is doing. I started yelling at my mother to pack some food and fill some bottle with water. And make sure that you are safe and sound wherever you are secured. DO not let a child out of your sight.

Then my mum and dad said calm down. I was panicking like I was going to have a heart attack. The thing is when something bad happens to my family or people who are part of my family I would really cry for everything. So.. do not be like me. Seriously do not be like this kind of girl who is 11. Crazy eh. I feel so embarrassed right now. But who cares I will get over it. Hopefully.

The possibilities that could of happened in the cyclone would be..... power outages and maybe some deaths or accidents too. I thought my life was going to be gone. But it was not. So that was good for me. Oh and my family. There must be no school as well. I was looking forward to school. To learn more new things about

But as soon as it was fine to go to school on Monday. And some awful damage to some houses. I feel sorry for those houses. I just want to donate some money for those house to rebuild their houses. In courage those people whose house. And be polite to them if they have had a lost. You never know if they still feel bad about this cyclone. So please be nice do not criticize them about it. Its not there fault its the cyclone that did it.

To prepare for a cyclone you need to secure objects outside in case they fly around and you never know if someone gets hurt. Stay inside and keep safe. Store food and water in case you are stuck in a room for a reason. (I do not know). If your power has been cut off grab a radio with some batteries, candles, a torch and keep your pets safe as well. And stay in a safe place so that you will not get hurt during the cyclone.

In my house my windows were all open and wind was blowing through. As this gale of wind came through I suddenly closed the windows. Whew. That was so.. close. I thought it was just something that just happens normal in this world. But.. it was not . It was a cyclone of course. This is my first time being in a situation like a cyclone. I think that's why I panic all the time.

Friday, 14 March 2014


In my class we were creating graphs about every person in our class what their favourite food , program, animal,sport and color.  As you can see the most colour that has been chosen the most was BLue. Half of the class love blue.

In class the lowest colour in class 2 is green. SO.. that is kind of a shame to hear that. I loved green when I was little but now as I saw red. I knew that was my favourite colour.graph.jpggraph (6).jpg
As you can see the most popular food on this graph is other which was noodles, chinese food, Asian food and other stuff like that too. And you can see the less popular food which is KFC.

Here you see a pie chart with all the kinds of favourite food people like. In class 2 we have all made a pie chart to go with our graph too. Here below you can find out all the information of what kinds of foods people like.graph (1).jpggraph (7).jpg
Here there is a Pie chart and a graph. You see the most popular t.v show is other. Here are the other t.v shows that other people liked. There was good luck charlie, Naruto , How to rock , and other more programs too.

Here below you see a pie chart with all the information you need to know. And the least popular t.v show was. I can't believe I have to say this but.... its Home and away. So thats all the information you need to know.

graph (4).jpg
graph (5).jpg

You can see that puppies are the popular animal in class 2. Puppies are quite cute and chubby too. I would love one but I can not have one. But any ways. The lowest pet in class 2 is... a tie between Panda and Leopard. Wow I thought that it was going to be one animal. But turns out its a tie. WHoo No One is lonely.

Down the bottom you see a pie chart with all of the information about what is the popular animal and what is the last and lowest animal is . This pie chart is with all of the    graph (2).jpg

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Define Adolescence .

This is my review about adolescence and here are some things about adolescence.

Fia Fia.

This is our photo from last years Fia Fia. Big Group.

Wow!! Fia Fia is coming up. Every Thursdays we head off to our Fia Fia groups and practice for 1 hour.  Every student in Pt England school have to participate in a cultural group. You might of heard of it before but this is something different. You see Fia Fia is a cultural celebration that we can share our singing voices, our dance moves and maybe our amazing skills.

Fiafia is a traditional thing for Pt England school. Our Fiafia is going to be on the 9th of April 2014. I have picked an island group and that group will be the Niuean fiafia group.  In our group we have to practice hard until we get it right. We have 4 items and they are the Entrance, Hopo, our Song and the Takalo with our own spears we make.

I love my culture group because I would love to go to fly on a plane to Niue. I have not been to Niue before. My mum was from Avatele and Tamakautoga. And also my dad is from Lakepa. I really want to know all about my mum and dad`s villages. I really do. It’s like I just want to hop on any plane and fly all the way to Niue.

I really feel nervous and frightened. Because when you perform in front of your family and friends, you get scared and you want to run off the stage.  Well I think that will be definitely me of course. I just need to relax and calm myself down. Fia fia is kind of not my thing in life. But I have to do it any ways. By the way I always have goose bumps.

Our lovely Fiafia tutors is Mrs Lagitupu and Miss Lavakula. They are the best tutors I have ever had and met too. Mrs Lagitupu is our tutor for the girls dancing. We have amazing moves.  Fia fia for me is a traditional thing for me. So I think the Niuean group will rock the stage when its the final night to show what we have got.

I feel so happy that I have joined in the Niuean group. My culture group will always be the talented Niuean group. My group based on great attitude, amazing effort, trying your hardest and being good to your tutors as well. I think Fia Fia is a really nice thing. For all of us to get together again. Fia Fia is the type of thing you can’t just throw away. You can show what your Fia Fia group have got.

Me and my 2 brothers are in the Niuean group. We have always picked our island group and we will always be in it. Our Fia Fia group is amazing and talented too. Fia Fia is so cool. Because it has nice lights that shine on you. So Fia Fia is amazing and everybody should join in. I always feel confident in my group and I am amazed by the moves and actions we do.

My favourite memory from last year was we gave it all our best. And our whole performance was amazing.  The Takalo was fantastic and the song was amazing. My favourite of all was when people were all saying to us oh hi you guys were great. And you rocked the stage. Heaps of things like that. And people really gave good comments about our performances.  I hope we rock the stage this year. Watch out Pt England…... the savages are back! Choo Hoo !!

Friday, 7 March 2014

Storyboard. For Empathy Movie.

Here is our storyboard for our Empathy movie. And as you can see here is all of our ideas as a group. We had to do a storyboard so we know what we are doing for our movie. That`s why you need a storyboard to work with. Just in case you don't know what you are doing. Like me, you don't need to be like someone who does not know anything.

Explanation. How To Use Sketch up.

How to use Sketch up.

Did you know that sketch up is a 3D printer that you can design all sorts of toys?. Well it is. We use sketch up for our learning. Class 2 has been using sketch up for designing amazing and detailed toys.As you can see sketch up for us is a learning tool. And all of my class room is going to be making wonderful designs of different toys. You might of heard of sketch up before in different places. Sketch up can create anything in 3D and print it out as a 3D object.

Sketch up can be used for all sorts of people like students like me, teachers, parents and designers too. Um what is it used for?. “Oh I'm glad you asked”. This programme is for making things like designing your very own toy that you can print out.

See there is always something you can do on this learning tool. It is quite fun for me. You can use sketch up for a task you have to do or you are trying something new. Class 2 are doing this for learning and to achieve what we have done. Sketch up is a wonderful programme for students like one big school which are with all students.

How do you use it - Well to use sketch up you can download a picture from the internet to use it. You can use your mouse to move the objects around. The keyboard is to undo things. Like for example, if you do a mistake you just push command zed and it will disappear, just like that!. Then you can start all over again. And the keyboard is to redo things too. When you are done you save it into a file and then you click save.

What are tools/special features - The tools on sketch up are a tool bar to select tools to use whenever you need them. There is also a rotating tool to move things around. And a push up tool that you can raise your shapes up more. Oh there is a colouring bucket that you can colour in things. But here is the problem. Um what was is it again. Oh yes when you print it the colour it does not come out the colours you have done it. It just comes out blue plain old blue but you can paint it if you like. And the last thing is a shift pad. So that is a explanation of what sketch up means to me. By the way 3D means 3 determination. There is 2 differences between 2D and 3D. 1. You see 2D is just a piece of flat paper. And 2 3D makes whatever you have designed and it will make it look real.  

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Explanation. Sketchup Design.

ipad sketchup.pngipad sketchup 2.png

As you can see I have an ipad . I have made this on sketch up. All I used was tools. Here are some tools that  I have done like the square icon,the push up icon and you can see I have done the colouring bucket icon. Sketch up is so fun because you can build all kinds of things on sketch up. So try it yourself and have a lot of fun. But not to much fun. And that is my final design on sketch up.