Monday, 27 October 2014

Athena`s 1st Birthday!

On Saturday me and my family went to my little cousin`s birthday. Here are some picture of me dancing at my cousin`s birthday.

Here is a picture of my little cousin and her family. Happy Birthday Athena!!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014



Having sleep is very important . As humans we need sleep. Sleep gives our body a rest and lets our body prepare for a new day.  The amount of sleep that a human needs depends on her or his age.

Usually when parents are angry and clumsy that means they didn't get enough sleep at all. So that means there body has not prepared and they need to sleep. If you don't sleep its really important to. Because if you don't then your body doesn't develop properly.

Sleep is healthy for your body. Its important to  keep your body well and make sure to have enough sleep every night. As for a child having a busy day. Going school, training for basketball and other activities. After a busy day your body needs a rest after all that hard work you have done.

In our body we need sleep. Working hard after a busy day your body needs a rest .

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Art Attack Title Page:

Here I have done a little movie about Art Attack.

Celtic Knots:

Here I have me and my 2 friends celtic knots . Me and my friends Rave and Iisa made this design just using our bare hands and colouring it in. You can see that it really stands out. I think that me and my friends did a great job.

Tattoo Design:

Here I have done a design. This design represents my culture. As you can see there are 2 designs. This means a lot to me and my family as well as my culture. Its good to do your culture designs.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Immersion Assembly Team 4!

At Point England school we have an immersion assembly held in the hall at the start of every new term. It’s when Point England school comes together to see what our new topic is for the term. This term our topic is Art Attack!

First up was team 1. They will be learning about the beach and our environment to inspire their art. The teachers did a little item pretending like they were at the beach having fun. The teachers were really funny.

Following Team 1 was Team 2 who are focusing on primary and secondary colours. There was a little film about mixing colours and what the primary colours are, which are blue, yellow and red. The film was about singing the primary colours and trying to mix them together to see what they make.

Next up to entertain us was Team 3 who will be learning about different types of artists from a long time ago. Team 3 was telling us their names and what they do in life. There were artists like Da Vinci, Andy Warhol and many more.  

With a funny act was team 4 who will also be learning also about old artists too. One of the teachers were really funny and was really entertaining us with his accent. The crowd was laughing and then the audience had to vote whose painting was the best.

To finish off assembly was team 5. They were focusing about different types of paintings and learning about artists. The teachers had a little painting demonstration for us. There was a movie played that was 4 mins long. Once they were done the crowd didn't know what the paintings were. But when they flipped the paintings the right way, there were portraits of three teachers.

Overall its really good to start every term with an immersion assembly. The reason is because you get to know what your topic is and you learn things that you haven't learned before. Now Point England school is learning about Art Attack!

Saturday, 4 October 2014

Free Writing.

In the holidays we were suppose to go to the mangere pools but it started rainy and it was horrible. We just went in the car and drove all the way to my nanna`s to see how she was. We saw my cousin`s there and we started playing and having fun inside. Outside was rainy and terrible and we couldn't play because we could have gotten sick and that wouldn't be an awful thing for our parents.

After we finished playing with my cousin`s we had to leave. I was sad that we were leaving because we had fun. Then we drove to pak'n'save to do some shopping. We got some good groceries for home. Then after that we went and brought something yummy to eat when we get home.

When we went home we made up some games that were fun. We played them and it was really entertaining. My mum and dad were happy that we had fun for once. At least we did something instead of staying home and doing nothing. We did some things that were fun and enjoyable.

Thursday, 2 October 2014

My Made Up Story:

Once upon a time there lived a lazy princess . Her name was Mia. She was 14 and she was the laziest person you can ever come across. She couldn't do her laundry or clean up her room. Her mum and dad were excepting a lovely clean princess but it turned out they were wrong.

Every Time it was breakfast Mia would always have toast with everything. Toast with peanut butter, jam, honey, butter, Nutella and other things . Sometimes Mia can be a little bit bossy.

When Mia has been told by her father that she has to clean her room . Mia always has to do something to get her out of doing her room. Her mother every day now, she always sees Mia`s clothes everywhere. And her poor mother has always been doing her laundry. Her mother is getting sick of her mess.

While Mia`s mother was finishing the touches onto the dinner table Mia was happy like nothing has been happening to her life. She was so happy that she lost her mind!. She eat her dinner plate like a maniac, and off back to her room.

After dinner Mia`s parents started talking about her attitude and how she is reacting. So her parents thought about it and thought that she needs to change a lot. As Mia`s parents walked to her room feeling proud that they are helping her change her life.

As soon as the parents knocked on the door and entered. They were shocked. So then they got sick of her mess and yelled at her to clean up her room spick and span. She gasped and then got angry. She yelled back and said stay away from me, while walking out on her parents with her face red.

Locked in her room Mia was thinking about her future and what she will become. Looking at all the mess she had done to her room and her house she realized that she was being awful to her parents. So she went down stairs and apologized to her mother and father. But they weren't there. There was no sign of them anywhere.

On the bench there was a note on the table. That said. Mia we are gone for the afternoon to do some shopping. I left your dinner plate in the fridge just warm it up. Be safe. Love Mum & Dad. Mia was so devastated that she didn't get the chance to apologize to her parents. And thats the end of my story for today.

The moral of the story is always clean your room and help your mum out.

The End