Thursday, 26 June 2014


Brain Storm:
Sound Waves
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Echolocation what does it mean? Echolocation is something that some blind people use to move around the place. Some animals use echolocation such as dolphins, bats, whales and even dolphins.

As for  bats they use echolocation in the darkness. For some bats they use echolocation with their noses and mouths too. Most bats use echolocation in the darkness to look for their prey. When the sound bounces off an object, it comes right back to them and it makes an echo. Usually bats use echolocation in the darkness and to find their food.

Ben Underwood had eye cancer when he was 2. When he was about 3 years old he had gotten his eyes removed . He became blind but he could move freely as a normal person and he doesn't bump into anything where ever he is going. When moving around, Ben makes clicking sounds with his tongue. When he makes clicking sounds, the sound rebounds off an object then comes back with an echo which he notices and knows where he is going . Ben doesn't use a cane or a guide dog either. Ben is not like us.  He is blind and he can still move around like a normal person. Ben can play basketball, ride rollerskates, and he can even ride a bike. WOW!. That’s just amazing. Sadly Ben died at the age of 16.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Carrot CupCakes.

4 medium carrots ( Grated) 1 ½ cups
¾ tsp table salt
¼ tsp cinnamon ( Ground)
¼ tsp ginger ( Ground)
¼ nutmeg
2 tbsp plain yogurt
¼ tsp vanilla
1 ½ c self raising flour
1 tsp baking powder
½ tsp baking soda
1 ½ sticks butter (  Melted)
1 c light brown sugar
1 large egg


In a bowl siffted all of the dry ingredients together and make sure that you do not just put the dry ingredients in just like that or you will get a lumpy mix. In another bowl add your 1 and a ½ cups of your butter sticks that are melted and 1 cup of light brown sugar and make sure that you whisk your mix.

Add 1 egg into the mix and 2 tbsp of yogurt and your ¼ tsp of vanilla and mix good until you think its lovely and it tastes nice to your taste. The mix that you have done add in 1 and ½ cups of grated carrots and add in the dry ingredients then fold carefully until its combined.

Grab a patty cases and 12 patty cases a muffin tin. Scoop a tbsp of the mix and out that scoop into every patty cases and then repeat that skill again until the whole patty cases are full and making sure that they are the some amount of mix in them all else some of your cup cakes will be resin high and will be resin the right amount it suppose to be.

Pop those into the oven for about 25 mins and cook them until they are nice and moist inside. When you check the cup cakes pock a knife into the cup cakes and if it comes out clean, but first and always ask an adult to help you will this because this can get a little dangerous so always ask an adult whenever you are baking by yourself.

Anyways take those out and put them on the side to cool. Serving the cup cakes nice and warm it tasty and moist inside . If you want something to make it sweet well then make a sweet icing that will give it that sweet taste to the cup cake. Then if that's done then you can eat and ENJOY!! :)

Peanut Brownies.

125g butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 cup ½ of self rasing flour
2 tbsp cocoa
1 cup peanuts
1 tsp salt


First get a bowl and put in your 125g of butter with your 1 cup of sugar, as well as your 1 egg and makeing sure that you mix well. Mix until smooth and mix carefully just incase you spill some of your mixture and you will make a mess.

When that mixture is done then you can add your 1 cup and ½ a cup of self raising as well as your 2 tbsp of cocooa and 1 tsp of salt. Mix into the creamed mixture. When that is done then add some peanuts and you can add as much as you want. But if you do not like peanuts then you can use choc chips or walnuts whatever you like. Add that into the already creamed mixture. Mix that all in together, Mix well.

Grab bit by bit from the mixture and roll that into balls. If that is done then you can flatten it with a fork and do not flatten it too much all you will have thin as brownies in the oven that are not eatable to eat. Bake the brownies into the oven. Bake at 180 oc for about 15 mins so they can really cook in the oven.

After your brownies are cooked for enough time then pop those brownies out of the oven then you can leave those on the side to cool down. Make sure that the brownies are cooked to perfection not runy in the middle that means its not cooked enough.

As those brownies are done cooling then you can put them onto a plate . The brownies can be siffted with icing sugar to give it a nice sweetness to the brownies. Or you can just leave them plain with nothing on top of them. Incase they are already sweet inside. When you bite into the brownies it should be moist inside with a little texture of that peanut.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Sound Animation.

Sound Nikita from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.


Niue is the most coolest place you should ever be. People say that Niue is the smallest pacific island. Well it is. The ocean in Niue is amazing and it can be relaxing in the cool ocean but there are some living animals in the ocean. Like for example....... coconut crab, sea snakes, fruit bats, giant moray eels, giant clams, giant sea crabs, land crabs and other living creatures in the ocean.

In Niue we eat so many dishes that are made by hand and skills too. For example at Niue we eat Takihi which is a dish made with paw paw, coconut cream and taro. We eat Crab, Pitako it is traditional bread, poke loku made with coconut cream, papaya and peaches, Lu, Coconuts, Taro, bananas, paw paw, limes and lemons and other lovely meats and fruits. We eat meats that are not very nice to eat and those meats are bats, pigeon and pig.

There are so many villages in Niue like Lakepa, Tamakautoga, Avaselea and the capital of Niue is ALOFI!. There are so many villages from Niue and they are all lovely ones. I am from Lekapa, Avasele and Tamkautonga. They are lovely villages and Niue has a lot of villages. In Niue it can be a little lovely island. I wish I couls travel to Niue but unfortunately I can't. But I love NIUE!!. And I am proud of my country.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Tech At Tamaki College.

On Thursdays we go to tech every morning. We go with some year 7 and 8 students from other classes, the classes we go with are class 4, class 2 of course and some of class 1. There are 3 things that we can do in tech. Like Food tech, Graphics and Hard Materials.

Mr Grundy does Hard Materials. Some times if you do not listen to the instructions, he gets a little angry because you might be chatting or mucking around. Because if you do not listen you will not get your product done. Our teacher has teached classes for other schools. He makes something into a bright and not cheap at all, its more like jewelry. He does his jewelry with pewter.

Pewter is a type of metal which is more like gold but it is sliver. First of all Mr Grundy shows us how to cut the MDF, how to sandpaper your product, how to file and how to polish the final design to finish it off. If you need help then he is always there if you need any help. Hard Materials can be a little hard sometimes but you need practice. 

There are so many types of of metal like copper, lead, gold and other cool metals. Some metals can burn you like for example pewter. Pewter can burn your hand and it will stay there for long. Even if there is a small drop of pewter on your hand then it will get stuck onto your hand forever. And it will really hurt your skin.

Being in Hard Materials is really fun. Hard Materials entertains us and we can learn and create a lot of things. We can see new things and we can create new things. It is lovely to have the chance to be at Tamaki College to make things that we have not made before.


Monday, 9 June 2014

Free Blog Writing: The Importance Of Sound.

The Importance of Sound

Sound has a very important role in our everyday lives as human beings. Sound is the reason why we can speak and hear and see. Processing sound is based on what kind of shock waves and echoes are being released, normally we process sound through hearing, for instance when someone calls out our name we hear first then we look, so basically it is a cycle that continues throughout our everyday life.

Why sound is important in our lives is due to the fact that we need it to be able to hear and to determine what things that we need to do. Without sound we will not be able to react accordingly. When sound is heard we tend to react and based on that reaction we do things that make it obvious to the sound we have heard. For instance when we are driving and getting closer to a railway track and bells start ringing that means that a train is coming and we need to stop which is considered a warning sound.

Sounds can not only be warnings but they can also be good things such as music and music is something that we all like listening to. If you like to dance then of course you would like to listen. These are just some of the reasons why sound is important in our lives.

The most important factor of why sound is important to us is the fact that we live life day to day and each day brings different obstacles whether it is exciting or dangerous or even something that is unexpected we only can determine sound when we hear and react upon it when it is heard.

So sound is very important to all of us and how we react upon hearing it is totally up to us. We hear a lot of things whether it is man made or it is by nature but because of sound we all have different perspectives on what is considered as the IMPORTANCE OF SOUND.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Explanation : Smart Footprint.

What does Smart Footprint mean?. Well it does involve the internet and how you act on the internet. Thats being cybersmart.  Its about being sensible on internet and never do anything bad. It is for working hard and putting a good quality piece of writing onto your blog so people can see what good things you have done.

Internet is not for being silly and being dodgy when it is your learning time. If you reply to something that is not nice do not send something bad to them. It won't be there fault it will be your fault for sending something bad back to them.

Be responsible and do the right thing. One of the things on internet is sharing and blogging what you have written about. You're friends can look at your blog and check out what you are doing. If you are not on bad sites the teacher will be seeing you working and doing the right thing and that .

But if you are doing something you are not invisible so watch out incase you're will get snapped for doing the wrong thing. If you are not on bad sites then what will your teacher be seeing you check out?. Sensible sites and other sites that you think that is appropriate for looking at!.