Friday, 18 September 2015

The Coliseum!

 Here is a presentation about the Coliseum. Its about history from the past and my ready group's learning attention is Find evidence in the text. And the coliseum is about where people  use to fight animals and men would fight other men.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Cyber Smarts Goal! W9T3

Today we did a Cyber Smarts reflection of what we have learned so far. I have learned so many things about being cyber smart. How to safe on-line and how to be safe with my mobile phone. Miss Kyla has taught us so many things about cyber smart.

New Born Baby Girl!!!!!!

On Wednesday the 2nd of September I quickly  hopped out of my bed after my evening sleep as I heard the phone ring ,as I was about to answer the phone I noticed that my 4 brothers and my cousin (Elly) were sleeping.

As I answered the phone I noticed that it was my mum, I talked to her for a little while. As I excitedly hanged up the phone I quickly dashed to my room to get ready because I was so stoked to go and see my mum as well as staying with her to keep her company.

The Reason why I was going to stay with my mum in the hospital is because my mum was about to have my new born baby sister. As my dad was driving I was really excited so I couldn't stop smiling and my dad thought I was weird. Anyways as we got to the carpark I immediately got out of the car and I had a firm grip on my dad's hand and I pulled him towards the  lift.  

When we got up to the main entrance we went to level 9 and the ward my mum was on was the title that said Labour and Birth Unit. As soon as I saw that title I ran and pulled the door open. Once I pulled the door I sprinted to room 11 to see my mum. Just as I was about to open the door my mums midwife opened it for me and I ran into the room and said with enthusiasm  ‘Hi” to my mum.

At about midnight my mum was feeling pain. So she was able to have my baby sister at midnight and my sister was born on the 2nd of September 1 day before my nana's birthday which is the 3rd of September.

I was really happy that I have another baby sister to add to the family and i'm relieved that i'm not the only girl anymore! My sister was 7.5kgs, she was a cutie. My new born baby sister's name is Syafirah - Lee Sanisitou!

Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Cyber Smarts!

 Today our maths group did a Google drawing of how we can be cyber smart with our mobile phones. And here is some of my tips to help you to keep safe with your mobile phones!