Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Kawau Island.

Did you know that we are going to Kawau Island ?. Well we are going for our year 6 camp.The activities we are doing are Volleyball,Sailing,Fitness Trail and were also doing my favourite of all....... swimming!. Where are we having our camp? Funny you asked were camping in the north cove,and were going to do cool fun things at Kawau Island. The most animal I would like to see is the wallabies. I am really looking forward for swimming because I would like to jump off and splash into the water..

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Whisper.

One day out in the sun ,there was a farmer and his name was John Palmer . John Palmer lived with his wife Josie and his two baby girls Jess and Joe. Jess and Joe were 4 years old,and as you can see that they all start with a J .Well the J runs in their family (Dont no why,dont care).

The Palmer family went out looking for a house because they needed somewhere to live.So the palmer family went driving around town to look for there lovely new home. As they were driving down town they saw a farm and they wanted to live in it,so they saw the owner of the farm and they went over to the guy who was in charge and had a little chat with the owner and the guy who's in charge said “did you know that no one hasn't been in this house for a long time.” “They say that this was a house full of whispers and ghost.” The owner said while stroking his long beard.

“I do not believe what you said.” Mr Palmer said.”Nonsense,we want to run this farm and that`s it old man.” Mrs Palmer said while she was signing a contract that said:
Under any circumstances you are not to leave this farm no matter what you say.And you would always take care of my animals and keep them safe.You would have to feed them.I have 8 cows you have to milk and 10 sheep you have to shear and 100 chicken eggs you have to collect Ok. Name: John and Josie Palmer  Signature: Palmer Family.

“Now its all yours bye,don't let the bugs eat you.” The guy who was in charge said while leaving like he was like some slow man who does not know what hes doing.”Sometimes I want to punch him so he can just shh for 5 mins.” Mrs Palmer said.While Mr Palmer was calming Mrs Palmer down,Jess and Joe went and had a look and they were staring at the milking hoses and they went and looked around

Suddenly there was a whisper. Jessss , Joeee a voice said softly.”Wh wh who said that” Jess and Joe said as they were taking a step back. Jess and Joe,there it was again. Jess,Joe come closer I wont hurt youuu. “Mummy mummy mummy!!!!,ahhhhhhhhh.” The girls said as they were standing still frozen up (hahahaha) no seriously they were literally frozen like someone standing looking like idiot (if I were them I would run).So anyways lets get back to the story.Mum and dad came running in “What's wrong” Mum said softly as she was calming Jess and Joe down.

“ There was this sound that said  Jesss,Joeee, it was just scary mummy”. The girls said as they were hugging mum and dad.”Don't be silly there's nothing like that ”  mum said.”Did that old man tell you girls to don't go in that farm,well that just made me made..” “John!!! get the girls in the car,were going to show that man that his mess with the wrong family.” Mrs Palmer said while she was thumping her foot on the ground (what? why is she thumping like that. Shes thumping like a elephant. And you know what I think thats it.But theres going to be a part 2 tomorrow.