Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Kawau Island.

Did you know that we are going to Kawau Island ?. Well we are going for our year 6 camp.The activities we are doing are Volleyball,Sailing,Fitness Trail and were also doing my favourite of all....... swimming!. Where are we having our camp? Funny you asked were camping in the north cove,and were going to do cool fun things at Kawau Island. The most animal I would like to see is the wallabies. I am really looking forward for swimming because I would like to jump off and splash into the water..

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Whisper.

One day out in the sun ,there was a farmer and his name was John Palmer . John Palmer lived with his wife Josie and his two baby girls Jess and Joe. Jess and Joe were 4 years old,and as you can see that they all start with a J .Well the J runs in their family (Dont no why,dont care).

The Palmer family went out looking for a house because they needed somewhere to live.So the palmer family went driving around town to look for there lovely new home. As they were driving down town they saw a farm and they wanted to live in it,so they saw the owner of the farm and they went over to the guy who was in charge and had a little chat with the owner and the guy who's in charge said “did you know that no one hasn't been in this house for a long time.” “They say that this was a house full of whispers and ghost.” The owner said while stroking his long beard.

“I do not believe what you said.” Mr Palmer said.”Nonsense,we want to run this farm and that`s it old man.” Mrs Palmer said while she was signing a contract that said:
Under any circumstances you are not to leave this farm no matter what you say.And you would always take care of my animals and keep them safe.You would have to feed them.I have 8 cows you have to milk and 10 sheep you have to shear and 100 chicken eggs you have to collect Ok. Name: John and Josie Palmer  Signature: Palmer Family.

“Now its all yours bye,don't let the bugs eat you.” The guy who was in charge said while leaving like he was like some slow man who does not know what hes doing.”Sometimes I want to punch him so he can just shh for 5 mins.” Mrs Palmer said.While Mr Palmer was calming Mrs Palmer down,Jess and Joe went and had a look and they were staring at the milking hoses and they went and looked around

Suddenly there was a whisper. Jessss , Joeee a voice said softly.”Wh wh who said that” Jess and Joe said as they were taking a step back. Jess and Joe,there it was again. Jess,Joe come closer I wont hurt youuu. “Mummy mummy mummy!!!!,ahhhhhhhhh.” The girls said as they were standing still frozen up (hahahaha) no seriously they were literally frozen like someone standing looking like idiot (if I were them I would run).So anyways lets get back to the story.Mum and dad came running in “What's wrong” Mum said softly as she was calming Jess and Joe down.

“ There was this sound that said  Jesss,Joeee, it was just scary mummy”. The girls said as they were hugging mum and dad.”Don't be silly there's nothing like that ”  mum said.”Did that old man tell you girls to don't go in that farm,well that just made me made..” “John!!! get the girls in the car,were going to show that man that his mess with the wrong family.” Mrs Palmer said while she was thumping her foot on the ground (what? why is she thumping like that. Shes thumping like a elephant. And you know what I think thats it.But theres going to be a part 2 tomorrow.



Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Narrative Story.

Once there was a Woman and her name was Lucy, and she was a pilot. She  worked for her boss Jack and his twin brother Jake. They were both born on..........  ( wait what am I talking about ,oh who cares).

Anyway where was I oh yes Lucy had another sister who liked playing tricks on her and her name is Mary. Mary was in charge of replacing Lucy if he was sick or not feeling well. By the way, Mary likes playing tricks on Lucy.

One day the Sun was shining and the birds were flying and Mary was awake early because she wanted to pull another one of her silly little tricks on Lucy.

So she went and blocked her ears with these kind of soft fluffy headphones or something yeah and she glued Lucy`s  curtains together and left the room.

Mary was so cheeky that he was replacing Lucy. She left by Quickly eating breakfast, rushing to take a shower and dressing very fast. Mary was rushing out of the house and she drove off to the airport to pick up the 30 people that were waiting to all go to Miami for a little trip to see what it was like.
When Mary got to the airport she rushed into the set where Lucy use to sit and she said “Climb aboard” said Mary while she was thinking about her poor sis Lucy.

            To Be Continued.........

Friday, 25 October 2013

My Narrative Story.


Once in a big farm where you can plant things and take care of your animals, there was a young man and his name was Billy. He travelled around all around the world and he tried new things around each country. So far he`s been to Africa,Argentina,Brazil and all those counties.And he wanted to go to see a farm because he hasn't seen a farm before.

However the owner of this farm was Bob and his assistant Stan,who did everything to save his old plants and he would make trouble to anyone who plants new plants on his lawn.At some point there was this lovely kind lady who loved plants and she wanted to make new plants but you know who will stop her,RIGHT BOB!.

The next day Billy was waiting for his plan to come and pick him up from Brazil,he was sweating and  his heart was beating fast. Finally his plan came and picked him up and went off flying in the air to see a farm. When Billy was in the air he saw the farm and his driver was sleeping and so he did not know what to do.So there was a emergency getaway.And so he jumped off the plan and went flying in the air.

Flying in the air Billy didn't know what to do so he remembered that he had a parachute on his back and he pulled it and suddenly he was  floating. Untitled he landed he ran and looked all around the country. Suddenly he meet this young women and her name was  Jasmine.She greeted him with delight “Hello my name is Jasmine and I am a country girl,How do you do?”

Jasmine said greatly.”Let me introduce myself,my name is Billy and what a fine country you have? Billy said looking into the eyes of sweet eyes.”I know its amazing right.”  Jasmine said as she was stroking her lovely black hair. “Why do you have not that much plants in your farm?”Billy said mischievously. “Well you see there is this mean trouble maker, who loves his plants and  he wont let us plant any new ones.” Jasmine said as she was disappointed.


Thursday, 24 October 2013

My Unedited Writing.

 This is the first draft of my story.It is an unedited Version
Once in a big farm where you can plant things and take care of your animals, there was a young man and his name was Billy. He was a traveller who travelled all around the world. Plus he tried new stuff from all sorts of country.

However the owner of this farm was Bob and his assistant Stan,who did everything to save his old plants and he would make trouble to anyone who plants new plants on his lawn.At some point there was this lovely kind lady who loved plants and she wanted to make new plants but you know who will stop her right BOB!

In one and hot day stuck on a plane for hours .Billy saw another country and he wanted to stop but he couldn't . So Bill went to the bathroom and there was an emergency getaway button, and guess what Billy pushed it.

Flying in the air Billy didn't know what to do so he remembered that he had a parachute on his back and he pulled it and floated. Untitled he landed he ran and looked all around the country. Suddenly he meet this young women and her name was lovely Jasmine.She greeted him with delight “Hello my name is Jasmine and I am a country girl,How do you do?”

Jasmine said greatly.”Let me introduce myself,my name is Billy and what a fine country you have? Billy said looking into the eyes of sweet eyes.”I know its amazing right.”  Jasmine said as she was stroking her lovely black hair. “Why do you have not that much plants in your farm?”Billy said mischievously. “Well you see there is this mean trouble maker, who loves his plants and  he wont let us plant any new ones.” Jasmine said as she was disappointed.


Thursday, 17 October 2013

Free Blog Writing.

Once upon a time there lived a overweight police officer who lived in a the forest with his wife and his two girls named Jasmine and Katie. Jasmine and Katie's dad Bob worked really hard on his work at the police station.

One morning Jasmine and Katie were getting ready for school and dad was busy showering and while he was showering he was shaving his hair.When he got out of the shower he accidently fell and slipped and so he shaved off his whole hair and he looked into the mirror and he saw this ugly person in the mirror with a whole hair shaved.”Honey,breakfast is ready.” happily said mum. “I will be right there.” screamed dad. As he went to the kitchen he went and sat down on the table his two girls and his wife all looked at him and they were like SHOCKED!.

“Daddy,ummmm what is that on your head” Jasmine and Katie said while stroking their hair. “What..... theres nothing wrong” dad said while leaving the table. Bob got into the car and went to drop off Jasmine and Katie off to school. Finishing dropping off Jasmine and Katie,as soon as he got to work he got out of the car and when he entered the police station his workmates could not stop laughing they were laughing like there pants were on fire. There was a hahahahahah over here and a hahahahahahahaha over there, THERE WAS LAUGHING EVERYWHERE.

WHAT....... WHAT.... WHAAAAT ARE YOU LAUGHING AT YOU BIG UMPALUMPA`s” screamed Bob. Even his boss  was laughing at his shaved hair. “You know what.. I QUIT!” said dad angrily. So Bob left the building and went home with shame on his face. “Hi honey how was your day at work today?” mum said politely “I quit my job because... I do not want to talk about it” dad said going to his room. Once again dad forgot to pick up Jasmine and Katie from school and neither mum did not know that he forgot because mum was busy working to much for the dinner that the girls get to meet their grandma and grandpa.

        TO BE CONTINUED DA DA DA DAAAA..............................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Mrs.Cat And Her 4 Babies.

Once upon a time there lived a mother cat and she had 4 wonderful babies.One day mother cat went to the supermarket to buy some groceries,”do not open the door to anyone,

Because if you open it you all will get eaten by the big bad wolf.” mum gently said to her babies.”OK mum we won`t open it.” her babies said.”You know what mum I will kick the wolf in the leg.” said the littlest one.

There was the big bad wolf peeking from under the window and he heard everything that mummy cat said.So the next day mum went off to the supermarket and the 4 babies were playing there ordinary games that that always do when mum`s gone.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door,KNOCK KNOCK!!. “Who's there”,the babies said. “Its me your mother,I forgot to give you your pocket money” the wolf said in a deep rough voice.

“Hey your not mother,mother has a voice like music and you're not mother you're the big bad wolf.” the children said angrily.

So the wolf went to a music and there the wolf saw a musician so he dashed off to where the musician was and told her

“Help me make my voice like a musical,and if you do not help me don't make me want to bite your beak off.” said the wolf. And the wolf went back and there was another knock on the door.

”Hello its me mother and I have a sweet music voice and you can see that I sound like mum don't I.” the wolf said a sweet as..... a nice person.

“Let us see your paw then”,so the wolf put his paw into the mail slot and the babies were disappointed”,”you're not mother for the second time,hey mum had a white paw and you are not mother.”

And the littlest child got his little hammer and he swung his little tiny hammer and the wolf screamed “AAA WWW that really hurt how could you” “Well you are pretending someone who you're not.”

And then when the wolf got banged on his paw he badged through the door and ate 3 of the children and when he was full ,he got some of mummy cats root beer and drank some and lay down on the wicket chair and slept through the whole day.

Mum came home with sweets and ice cream for the 4 children,and when she saw a big mess she was wondering where her babies were.

Then the little baby came out of his hiding place and said “mum he's here he ate all of them except me” cried the little baby,”and he`s in your chair with a full tummy.”

“What in my chair!” mum said.She rushed into the backyard and she went as fast as she could and she bumped into the wolf and all of her babies came out and they were all slimy and wet and they were crying. Mum kissed their nose and slapped them on the ears for opening the door to the wolf.    

And so they never opened the door to anyone again.AND THEY LIVED HAPPILY EVER AFTER. THE END.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Reading Raps

Here is our movie about raping and its all about reading.HOPE YOU ENJOY.
MN Raping from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Rhyming Couplets

A couplet is a two line rhyming rap that is also used in song writing it like the same.The last word of each line rhymes.

When I went to the library to find a kind of book.

went and I had a carefully carefully looked.

When I was cycling I had a bad feeling to stop.
And when I looked back my tyres were popped.

When I was building a house in my tree.
I fall because of a stupid honey bee.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Cross Country Fun Run.

On a hot bright scorchy sunny day at Pt England school we had cross country on the 22nd of August on Thursday 2013. At our school we were all put into teams and we were in our ages. The team that I was in was Takitumu which is yellow and I was running in the 11 years old girls. I have been in Takitumu ever since I was 5 and now I have grown up and I am 11 now. There was not much 11 year old girls or boys.

During lunchtime the whole school was getting into their house colours, and I got into my house colour and I went to play with my friend Mua and we played on the playground. Suddenly the bell rang so we all went back to class for a meeting about where we were running in case we will get lost. Our meeting finish and we lined up and went to the courts.

We all got into our team and our principal Mr Burt got everyone to sit down and listen. He started us off and then he gave it to Mrs ZA ZA and she was going to each house leaders and she got them to do there cheers that they had done for us. After the cheers we were all excited because it was cross country.

To start us off the 5 year old boys went first then it went down to the 10 year old girls and we were next. I went past my mum my little baby brother and my cousin. And they all were cheering for me. Going to the start line Mr Burt said “On your marks,” he screamed “Set!!,GO!!. I ran off with a great start and me and my BFF Mua we were running and we only took little breaks and we went to the finish line and I was so exhausted because it was a long and easy run.

As I got to the finish line I went to my mum for a drink and when I finished our whole team had to go back to class and go home at 3.00 clock. But....... I went home with my family and my mum was telling me that I did great. And I hugged her and went home. I kept on telling my mum did I do great did I do great! in the car how many`s time and she kept on saying I did good. I really had fun at cross country because it was cool and I had a fun day. And No Matter what .It does not mean if you come last as long as you finished. KEEP THAT IN MIND.

Circles - Division Problems With Remainders.

Here is a movie of my group the circles.We did some division problems with Mr S and he was helping us figure out how to solve a division problem. Here is a link of the problems if it does not work on my blog.

My Punctuation Goals

Here you see my Writing Goals for this term.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

The Hare and The Tortoise.

This is a story  about the Hare and the Tortoise. The Hare was the fastest creature on the farm, so they called him speedy.Along with his 3 friends Badger,Fox and Rat, and some point there was a tortoise and the hare did not like the tortoise at all.The Hare kept teasing the tortoise.So suddenly out came the fox out of some hedgerows and told Hare if he could beat the Tortoise in a race. The fox explained if the tortoise wins they have to slave him for a month,and if the hare wins they have to slave him. So the next day they had their race and with a great start the hare was taking the lead,so the hare was looking back and the tortoise still hasn't  moved yet ,but the hare still ran.He was very tired so he had a nap under a shady tree and slept because the tortoise was taking too long. Finally the Hare woke up and he saw the sunset so he dashed off and saw he was nearly to the finish line.But the Tortoise already won.So the hare had to slave the tortoise.

The Moral Of The Story: Slow And Steady Always Wins The Race.

That Moral relates to my life because it tells me to Don't rush a race . And it tells me to don't rush to clean my room and don't rush to get something for my mum and dad.

Correct Punctuation.

This Morning my group Kiwis learned about using correct punctuation in a narrative. Instead of doing it with Mr Marks who is my literacy teacher we did it with Mr S.And here is a little movie that we made to use better punctuation. THANKS MR S. Now I know how to use correct punctuation.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Difference Between 2 Numbers.

Here are some problems from maths whizz. And this is what's the difference between 2 numbers.So here are some that I have done all by myself. This is what I have been learning about.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Pencil & Paper : Addition Problems

Here is some maths problems that I have been doing on Maths Whizz. This is ADDITION problems that I have been learning on for the past 2 weeks now. This is what I have been learning about. This are some problems that I have answered by myself.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Hansel And Gretel.

This is a story about a brother and a sister named Hansel and Gretel. They lived in a very small tiny cottage.Their mother and father always wanted to keep the children safe and they never let Hansel and Gretel out of their sights. Hansel and Gretel came across to a house that was made of candy and they started picking and eating candy from the house. Suddenly they heard the door open and they entered.The doors shut and there they saw a hideous looking ugly witch. She picked them up and chucked them into a cage and she got a hot steaming oven ready for the kids to be cooked.She got Gretel out of the cage and chained  her to the doorknob. When she went to get out Hansel,Gretel saw a key so she got the key and she unlocked herself and the witch looked at her . So then Hansel and Gretel chucked the witch into the oven.

The Moral Of The Story is ......... Don't ever leave home. Never, ever, EVER!! and remember your path, and calm down when you are around strangers. That means just because you come to a house full of candy and stuff does not mean you should eat candy from it you never know that they have put something in it.But I think that the children Hansel and Gretel were hungry.But just remember.

This story relates to my life because it tells me to don`t leave your home and do not leave your class and school.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Maths Problems

Here is a little maths problem that I solved by myself.And here is a little tiny movie of what I have been learning for the past 2 weeks.

Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time there lived a pretty girl named little red riding hood,she only lived with her mother in a very small little cottage.One day little red riding hood had got sent to go to grandma`s to take a basket of goodies because grandma was sick and she was not very well.”Little red riding hood take this basket of goodies to your grandma” said mum in a polite way,and LRRH kissed her mother and ran off skipping.

While skipping past trees and bushes little red riding hood took the wrong path.Little red riding hood saw a bush with strawberries on it,”HMMM, don't mind if I do” LRRH said as she is picking a lovely big strawberry.LRRH kept on coming back and forth popping strawberries in her be mouth.Suddenly she remembered of her mother,her promise,grandma`s basket full of goodies.”Oh what a terrible daughter i am” she said while skipping to try to give grandma`s special basket.

LRRH didn't know that she took the wrong path,and she heard a voice coming from a bush,BAAMM there she saw a big bad wolf.”Hello there pretty little girl” the wolf said while patting LRRH`S head “Well hello I'ma little red riding hood,how do you do” LRRH said as she was greeting the wolf.”I doing very fine thank,where are you going” the big bad evil wolf in a really deep voice.”Well I'm going to my grandma`s to give her this basket of goodies” said LRRH.And the the evil wolf dashed off to grandma`s house.

As the wolf got to grandma`s house he knocked on the door very hard.”Who is it” grandma said  “its me little red riding hood i have brought you a basket of goodies” the wolf said trying very very hard to keep his gruff voice. “can I come in” the wolf said opening the door.And Suddenly the wolf got grandma and eat her up.

And little red riding hood finally got to grandma`s house.”Knock Knock,grandma are you there’ little red riding hood said. “Yes come in” the wolf said pretending he`s grandma.”What a deep voice you have” LRRH said surprised “The better to greet you with” said the wolf,” Goodness me,what big eyes you have” said LRRH “The better to see you with darling” The wolf replied back.”And what big hands you have” Little red riding hood said while stepping onto the bed,”The better to hug you” the wolf replied “and what a big mouth you have” Little red riding hood said.”The better to EAT YOU” the wolf said jumping out of the bed. The wolf gobbled LRRH and he jumped in bed and had a sleep because his stomach was full of 2 humans.

In the meantime a hunter came through past the woods.The hunter was tyring to catch a wolf,but he could not find one.So he saw a small little cottage and he went to ask for a drink because he had been looking for a wolf and he was so executed. As the hunter was heading for the door hunter could hear a strange whistling sound coming from the cottage.So he went and peeked through the window and there he saw a large wolf laying in grandma`s bed with a full tummy.”The wolf,he can`t get away now”,he loaded his gun and pointed it straight to the wolf`s head.BANG the wolf was dead.”Got you now” the hunter said with happiness. Barged through the door and cut opened the wolf`s tummy and popped out grandma and LRRH. Mum busted through the door and hugged and kissed little red riding hood.”THANK YOU,THANK YOU SO MUCH” mum said how many times with glee.So LRRH said “we must always keep to the path and never stop.That way we can come to no harm”.

The Moral Of the Story
listen to you mum, stay on the right path and do not talk to strangers

Friday, 2 August 2013

The Hare And The Tortoise

Once upon a time there was a fine little fit Hare that was the fastest creature on the farm, well people called him SPEEDY,along with his 3 friends rat,badger and fox. At some point there was a tortoise too that had eaten lush grass slowly and kept on dozing off. But did you know that Hare only lost one race.

Well it all started on march when he took the silver medal,it only happened 1 time. Hare was looking at tortoise and called him cabbage head and Brussels sprout feet,so suddenly with  fright fox popped out of hedgerows.”Hey fox guess what I can beat everyone on this whole farm did you know that” Hare said “No I haven't but I have a challenge for you” fox said mischievously .

“OK give it to me I can take it, plus I am the fastest creature on this whole farm” hare said wanting to see what the challenge was. “Well I dare you to challenge tortoise in a race” fox said “Ha easy peasy I can just beat him just like that!! because of course he`s slow” the hare said while staring at the tortoise . “You think you know it all eh” hare said while stroking his fluffy ears.”Ok then If you win you, we get to do you favours” fox explained  “And if tortoise wins you guys have to be his slaves for a month”  foxy said to hare.

The next day badger said “ON YOUR MARKS, GET SET, GO!!”.Off with a great start hare was running as fast as he could so he had a little look back and there he was tortoise still flapping his arm and legs as he is running like a slow poke.As hare was not close to the finish line he had a nap under a nice shady tree with fruit on it.Hare woke up and he saw that  the sun was going down so he got up and dashed to the finish line and he got there,but the tortoise has already won. And that's all for today.

MORAL OF THE STORY: Slow and Steady always WINS the race.