Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Seed

Once upon a time in a faraway land there were two tribes called the Scarabs and the Chafers. Between the two tribes was a piece of board,and they never crossed their boarder ever again.

BOOM!! something dropped out of the sky, it was a strange object. The two tribes did experiments, they did some sketches and some scientifics. They found out that it was a cherry stone that can grow cherries. They both wanted it, so their kings ordered them to pull it on their sides.

The two tribes declared a war, they made shafts and tunnels. They were making nut shell shields, Cannons, spears and catapults.

Both sides were about to have a war, and then they noticed that the seed has disappeared. The Cherry tree has already grown it had blossoms, so both sides live happy and in peace.    

Friday, 8 February 2013

What I Did On The Holidays

In the holidays me and my family went to my nana`s. We celebrated the true meaning of christmas. I love Christmas. Do you like Christmas?.

Well me and my family go a lot of presents. I could not believe my eyes. Unwrapping our present we were like  animals ripping and making a mess.  All of my mum family went and we all got to have a nice feed. Families are good to play games with. We were having dance battle. It was so fun. And then on we went home and celebrated our selves.  

You know what?. Christmas is a really important thing to New Zealand. You see all over the world people in different countries celebrate Christmas. They all encourage to give people presents all over the world. Families love caring for their children.  Would you care for your love bull and handsome children?.