Monday, 14 April 2014

Kids Should See This.

The movie  I watched was really really cool, because it was about making a glow stick. I really enjoyed it very much.This video was a chemistry experiment.In a glow stick it is about what goes into the glow stick and what the ingredients do to it.Did you know that if you do not put any dye in your glow stick it will not glow.But if you do it will have energy and it will glow.  

I really love how he used different kinds of colours for the glow sticks. Crushing your expectations . This is very complicated than buying a glow stick. And umm for small amounts this can be more expensive. Making glow sticks like that man it becomes more cheaper if the chemicals are brought in bulk. I really love that movie . It is very entertaining and amazing. It really helps me learn more things for learning. I think you can watch it . Just type in glow sticks kids should see this.

Netbook Reflection.

Did you know that I have been taught so many maths strategies. Well Mrs Lagitupu has shown class 2 heaps of strategies . And I have learned so much maths from the wonderful Mrs Lagitupu . She is the most encourage and the most funniest person I have been ever been taught from. She has been teaching me so many new things.

This has been a great opportunity to work with my very own netbook, because its better than pencil and paper. And it really helps me finish off my work . And my netbook helps me learn new creative things. Instead of reading a book you can just get it online. But the best thing is being a wonderful student at Pt England School. . I am very lucky to come to a school that accepts me for who I am in life. 

I really love my netbook because you can have your very own device. It has everything I need to do. Like you can go on all sorts of sites and making sure we do our work . I was so excited using my first and only netbook. I would keep talking about this netbook and saying its very amazing and wonderful things.

Don't Go Narrative.

While sitting in the kitchen a black cat was eating it’s dinner. A pink alien was dancing in front of the black cat. “MEOW!!!!!” Went the cat. “Oh No!!!!” went the pink alien with one eye. When the black cat was sprinting after the pink alien, the little fella was still dancing as he ran.

BAMMM!!!!!!! The little pink alien with one eye disappeared into the carpet. Where did that little scum go? The cat thought. “Hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!” The pink alien laughed.  

“You think you can hide you pink scum but you can’t?”. Said the black Cat. The little pink alien kept hiding in the carpet. The black cat gave up on the pink alien.  “Don’t go”. The alien said.

Fine then. The cat thought. So he kept chasing after the pink alien. They ran everywhere. You are too fast. They both ran under the bed, over the couch, under the tables, and through the chairs.

The owner came into the door. She picked him up. “What on earth is that cat doing”.

Whispered the owner. In the end it was just the cat’s imagination. That’s The END.

How to make a poi.

Term 1 Reflection.

My highlights this term would have to be about working hard and trying my best to make so much progress. And joining new things that I haven't tried before. And it is so amazing to see me go from being shy to confident.

I have made improvements/progress in participating in new things. Because I have been busy this term and it is so hard. You see I have applied for heaps of jobs at school. And those jobs are .. Tux Shop Monitor, Sports Monitor, Barista, Mrs M`s Helper and more things. I have made so much progress this term. I am so proud of myself.

I know this because Its great trying new things and helping other people that are in need. I’ve been getting to know more teachers around this school. It is very good for me to start looking out for each other and caring for them.

I still need to work hard to improve my Trust skills. Because when I go and try something out I always fail. And because of that I let myself down. I did not make it into something. But it was alright. I think that sport is not for me.

I know this because I always let myself down. And I do not try my best because I am saying in my head “I am not going to make it”. And sure enough I don't. So thats how I know why I know this.

I am most proud of my efforts in writing. When my teacher says to my class only to do 3 or 4 paragraphs, I do more like I am obsessed with writing. I do not know why I like writing but I love typing. I think my fingers are out of control. But yeah I love writing and I am so passionate about it.

My 3 main goals for Term 2 will be...

1.  Trying more sports and do not let myself down. And have confidence in myself.

2. Starting to realise that I need to learn more maths and make sure I listen carefully to what my teacher says incase I do not know what to do.

3. And doing less paragraphs so my teacher won't have to scroll down to see all this work I have done with just my bare fingers.

Six Sentence Story. Number 2

In the forest lived a young girl and her name was Elizabeth . She lived with her mother and father in a lovely cottage in the dark forest. One day Elizabeth went out walking, she was hiding something from her parents. She had super powers that she used against bad people that lived in the forest. A guy come out of no where and started kicking and punching her, and then Elizabeth got angry and kicked him and he fell on the ground. And when she went home she was all hurt and bruised, as well as her face was all torn up.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Fiafia Reflection.

Man I had so much fun. Last night it was time to show off what we got. And all those hard practices would pay off to all the audience . We all worked hard to learn every move and actions for our dances. Getting to rehearse to plan everything is amazing and perfect too. Pt England School had to focus and perform their best. And make sure they know when they are on.

Do you know what Fiafia is?. Well I am about to tell you. Fiafia is when we join groups and we come together to watch amazing groups. Our parents won't be expecting this. They will be shocked seeing amazing performances on the stage. The whole class picks any group they want to be in. Maybe it might be there culture group or maybe something else. We just make sure we have a good time and enjoy ourselves and make sure that we are alright with our moves and actions.

At school. Umm I mean at Fiafia I performed 1 time. And I felt like I was  so calmed. Unlike me.When it was last years Fiafia. Man I was shaking like a shaking girl on the floor like an idiot. But yeah I was a little bit shaking. And I mean a little bit. We did 5 amazing performances and they were the Entrance, the song, Girls Dance, Hopo and The Haka. Go Niueans. Choo Hoo. I felt so nervous. Because I had to do a speech. And I was so frightened.

At Fiafia there were stalls and one of them was my mum and dads stall. They were selling heaps of things and making a lot of money.  A lot of people were coming back for more and more. And we kept on getting more and more money. I was so amazed by us selling a lot of food. My mum was selling Steak and Onion Rolls, Drinks, Cakes and Burgers too. It was so amazing seeing people buying our food. And when they get their order they always come back and say it very nice and tasty too.

My favourite groups were the Cook Island Group and Drummers too. Because they were so amazing and their moves were amazing and so cool to watch. By the way they had good drummers. Bollywood was amazing and I liked their costumes. And I love their songs they did.  The last group was Precisely that . It was so funny seeing them turn around and hit each others bottoms. It was hilarious and cool to how Collin flew and landed on the ground. I really had fun at FIAFIA. It was amazing. But my mum could not see me because she had to take the things home. Because she selled food.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Monday, 7 April 2014

Six Sentence Story.

Once upon a time there was a girl that lived with her family in a rusty old house. Her name was Rebekah and she was 30 years of age. She had a special talent that she kept in herself and she didn’t tell anyone because she was so embarrassed. Her talent was styling peoples hair. Her problem was she wasn’t getting any people in her shop. She felt sad and worried that her business was going to shut down, but she made a t.v add so she can get more people to come to store. And in the end she got people coming into her store and she was making money to pay off bills.   

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Do you know what a Breakup is?. Well a breakup is a celebration that we always do at Mangere College for putting their best effort in polyfest. We always get together to have the opportunity to have one last laugh with them and get to know them well. And it runs in the family. Mangere College made there tutors proud and happy and because of that they represented our culture like they meant it. And so we celebrate there lovely effort. And they showed the Niuean stage they have skill in themselves and they can win something for once in their lives.

As you can see the amazing tutors are ... my aunty and my mum. My mum and aunty have always made the Niuean group do there best. But she just lets them know that they can trust what they are doing and hope that they can give it their best shot. I always go to the practice wit my mum and my little brother. And in that group I have 2 cousins that are in that group. You see my mum always sleeps at midnight because she has to prepare the songs and other things for the group. It is really amazing getting to see my own culture group at polyfest.

When they had to perform their item to the audience. And I did not get to see them only my brother because I came to school. School is more important to me than going to polyfest. And because of that I always go to their practices and I do not want to disturb and destroy the big moment.  But I got to she it when I got home. It was GREAT.

The placings was 3rd place for Kamataaga. 1st place for Tame, 1st place for Meke. 2nd place for Takalo and in a tie in 3rd place was Mangere College and Henderson for Fakaotiaga and they came 3rd for overall. So that was good and I am so proud of them. There places aint that bad its amazing to see them happy and cheerful.