Friday, 28 February 2014

Thank You Letter.

Dear Parents:

I just wanted to say thank you for helping us in class 2. We wouldn't have helpers if it wasn't for you. I know there were other helpers too. But.. I wanted to say to you thank you. Thank you for keeping us safe in the water . Class 2 really loved your help. And we really appreciate what  you have done for us.

When we got to the picnic the children and the teachers were setting up. And by setting up I mean setting up sports. So that we can play while we are waiting for our turn to swim. There was heaps of different kinds of sports. Here are some examples there was Volley ball, Baseball, Softball, Soccer and Rugby. I did not get to play a sport because I was just so hot .

My favourite part of the picnic was hanging out with my friends and have a nice swim in the water. I really loved those parts because I got to have lunch and play with my friend Rave. And we had so much fun at the picnic. Me and my friend Rave had so much fun at the beach. Even though she did not go for a swim . She still had a great time playing in the sand with me.  (Oh) and also we made a cake made out of sand. Isn't that crazy.

We really had fun with you and the other helpers. We really loved how you looked after us and how you had a great time too. I just wanted to say another big thank you for helping us on the picnic. We wouldn't have gone to the picnic if it wasn't for you. THANK YOU SO MUCH MS ERICK. We hope you had a great and wonderful time at the picnic. Hopefully we have more helpers next year.

Kind Regards:


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

What Is A Netbook And How Is It Used?.

What is a netbook and how is it used.?

A Netbook is a learning tool that students have to learn. It is a piece of technology that helps us learn . Its like a computer and a laptop. But a smaller vision. A Netbook is a device that students up to year 4 and upwards use for there learning as well.

A Netbook has very important parts. A small Netbook has been built in a mouse that we use (students) to move around and click things. Like google drive and stuff.

Also it has a keyboard that we use to type for writing and for publishing onto our blog . It also has a battery that we have to charge everyday. It has a camera that we use to take pictures . It has a USB port that we can use to upload. And it has a screen that we can see what we a clicking on.

To get our devices to work we have to charge it every time we leave school. To charge our Netbooks we have to make sure that the charger it plugged in properly. So when we came back to school it has been charged. (Fully Charged.) And when we have got our Netbooks out we can. Do our writing,reading,maths,Studyladder,Xtra Maths and Maths Whizz.

It has been a great opportunity to work with my very own Netbook, because its better than pencil and paper. And it really helps me finish off my work.  

Also my Netbook helps me learn new creative things. Instead of reading a book you can just get it online. But the best thing is being a wonderful student at Pt England school. And learning with my wonderful and beautiful teacher.

Interviewing The Junior School.

Class 2 had the opportunity to create some toys for the Junior Class to play with. Lets say the kids were Year 2`s and they are 5 and 6 years old. We needed to think of some amazing toys to create to keep the Year 2`s interested in our toys. Our task was to interview children what they would like as a toy. We had to do this task so we can design toys for the Year 2`s.

First we had to brainstorm our ideas on a piece of paper. Our class came up with outstanding ideas. Here are some ideas I came up with . The junior Class might want a minion, or maybe a smurfs or maybe a car and it goes on and on. (You kind of get the hang of it right?). Then once we had come up with some good ideas we could head over to the village. (Oh I almost forgot,the village is where the junior Classes are) .  

I had 4 girls to interview , they were all 6 years old. And they have beautiful names and their names are Sonnia,Katieann,Eden and Peisey. They all wanted or sorts of toys. I kept on hearing I want this and I want that. It was just so confusing. So I told them one at a time girls. And I started with Sonnia. Sonnia wanted a fairy and her name was Tinkerbell because she loved watching the movie. And she also likes the smurfs

The next girl was Katieann. She loved mermaids because she watches The Little Mermaid. And she also loves smurf ette too. There was heaps of things Katieann loved and she loved all sorts of things she could pick .

Eden wanted a Barbie doll with a pink dress because she might have a doll herself at home. And she wanted a minion too. Eden must want a minion because she must watch Despicable Me. And Peisey really wanted a princess and a heart with her name in it. Also she wanted a Minion too. I think there are heaps of minion fans.

The End.


Friday, 14 February 2014


Today at assembly we had a performence from the hip hop group. They danced to a song called live it up. They were so amazing that their moves were cool. I was shocked because I was just sitting there looking at the moves they were doing on the stage.

 I really liked how they came in the hall. They did a really great performence in assembly. I just wanted them to do it over and over again and again.

The next group on the stage was the samoan group. I loved how Jacob blowed the con shell to introduce the samoan group. I was so suprised that their moves was cool and it was so nice of them to do a lovely culture dance At our school. It was amazing of them to do a great performences.

Another amazing and cool thing was there were 2 waitangi movies that were played by Mr Burt. One was from Stevenson which was amazing. And the other on was from class 12. They were both cool to watch and they were good.

THE END!        

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Empathy - What Does It Mean?

Empathy means having to understand and share the feelings of one another. Like for example ,if someone had lost something they loved,and they started crying. You know how they feel ,like me . I really loved a toy that I loved and I couldn't find it anywhere. So guess what?. I started crying about and my mum knew how I felt. She understood how I feel.

Here`s another example about Empathy. Well Empathy is what we experience when we feel other people's pain or joy. Its our ability to put ourselves someone's else's shoes or seeing through someone`s else`s eye`s.(Oh) and.... understand and share what they are feeling inside of them.

So........ Empathy to me means looking after one another, even though you don't know them . Because Sharing is Caring. And for me, empathy is a very kind way to look after your family members and your friends too. So if you see someone hurt don't just leave them there. DO something and co - operate with them.


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

What Are The 3P`s.

Do you know what the 3P`s are?. Well the 3P`s are Protection Partnership and Participation. We are writing about this because we are learning about the Treaty of Waitangi.  Were learning about the meanings of the 3P`s. So...... first lets start with Protection.

 Protection: So what does protection mean?. Oh I know, protection means a person that protects someone or something, or the state of being protected and a guaranteeing harm from a person specified in it. Like for example, here at Pt England school we look after our gear, that's protection. Here in a year 7 and 8 class we take charge and we have cyber-smart as well . And if someone is in a situation you have to always care and make sure there safe.

Partnership: What does Partnership mean?. Well I`m glad you asked. Partnership is an arrangement in which parties agree to co-operate. Here are some examples, at Pt England school we do every little thing as a team. TEAM WORK. We attend in our meet the teacher, and we do every thing, TOGETHER.

Participation: Participation means the act of taking part or sharing n something. Like at Pt England we have to participate in activities . Here at Pt England we give it a go. If you are ever lonely join in with other people, dont ever be scared of anyone. Join in you have to participate in everything. No one is ever going to be lonely. Thats why, at Pt England we care for each other and we make sure there safe and sound.

                                      AND THOSE WERE THE MEANINGS OF THE 3P`S.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

My Holidays.

In the holidays I was just playing outside. Then suddenly my mum called me and me 2 brothers in. Wow! my mum had big news for us. Yeah! we are going to my cousins birthdaayyy . I was really excited because I was going to my cousins birthday!.

As I was in the shower I was so happy to see my other cousin. Getting out of the shower I quickly got something nice on. Rushing down to the kitchen I quickly helped my mum put the food in the car. Once that was done I did my hair and ran to the car.

Me and my 4 brothers all got into the car . While we were driving down the road it was getting a little bit boring. So you know what I did, I went for a nap in my own car. When I woke up we were already there. I was the only one in my car. As I was getting out all of my little  came and hugged me.

After we had a feed and talked and played we all went home and had a sleep. And as for us we went home and had a little bit of our play we brought home. Once we did that we hopped into to bed. The End