Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Rave and Nikita MTV from Team 5 PES on Vimeo.

Here is my video that I created in just one day. Hope you enjoy!!

Little Baby Brothers

In family I have 2 little baby brothers. There names are Hunter and Jaedyn. Hunter is 6 months going on to his 1’s. And Jaedyn is 1 years old going on to his 2’s. They are really cute and chubby as well. As a big sister they always love me instead of my brother Dartanian.

Hunter’s birthday is on December the 15th. As well as Jaedyn his birthday is on December the 5th. I can’t wait until there birthdays come up because we do something special. I love my little baby brothers they are so fun.

When they are feeling sad I always cheer them up. But instead my brother just yells and tells me to come and grab them. My little baby brothers don’t really get along with Dartanian. When I always say “come”. They always put there hands out and that means they want me.

Sometimes Jaedyn gets jealous because we are more focusing on Hunter. He thinks he is the main baby but he’s not. We have to focus on my other little brother because he is the littlest one. But we still play with him and we make him happy.

Ta Kilikiki and Kilikiti Unique Sport!

This here is my movie that I have created with my Friend Rave. I hope you Enjoy!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Elections 2014

With a great outcome, National has won again. Our National leader is John Key. He has been fighting with the leader of labour which is David Cunliffe. Both National and Labour try and get more people to vote for their party.

There have been people all over our country voting for either party. Labour has been fighting for more people to vote for them, because Labour hasn't been winning that much. 

They mostly lose and they never get the opportunity to win for once. Most people vote for Labour but then they end up not winning at all. Sometimes people don’t vote at all.

Overall National won. Its great to see that National won but most people would like to see Labour just for one time to win and be happy that they won. But it voting is done and finish. Overall National had the chance to win.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Ta Kilikiki

‘Ta Kilikiki’ is the Niuean translation for cricket. In Samoan, it is ‘kilikiti’. Kilikiki is played in a traditional and cultural way. It is a summer sport that can be played by children starting from the age of 11 and upwards. With ‘kilikiki’ there are around about 20 - 25 players on each side, that challenge each other to see who will win the game. In Niue it is a village competition to see which village will win the overall title for the island, and the islanders in Niue take ‘kilikiki’ very seriously.

The equipment that you need for ‘Ta Kilikiki’ are TAU OLO (6 wickets, 3 on each side), UA E PAKE (2 bats) which are half long circle bats made by each team who are competing, FA E KA KAHO (4 bamboo sticks), 2 balls. When the game starts the 2 players who are first to bat come up and stand in front of the wickets ready to bat, and then there are 4 players two on each end holding the long bamboo sticks ready to run when the batters hit the ball these runners are called TALI POE they are the ones who get the points for the batter.

 All the batter does is hit the ball and stay`s while the TALI POE run`s and gets the points, if they get out then that batter is out and has to swap with another player who is waiting on the sideline with their team and who is going to bat next. The opposition team have TAU TAGATA SEKA which are the bowlers, one on each end who try their best to get the batter out. The rest of the players from the opposite team are the fielders who also try their best to get the batters from the other team out by spreading out and trying to catch or stop the ball from scoring high points for the other team.

When all the team members have batted then it is time to swap over so the other team who were bowling and fielding end up batting. If they reach the other teams score than the game is over and that team win. A very similar game to cricket but with a traditional twist.  And thats how you play ‘Ta Kilikiki’. I had a little help from mum with the Niuean Translations.

Cross Country 2014.

Cross country is a very long run, which takes a lot of exercise and training to prepare for it. Cross country is a long distance run. It helps a person’s ability to run long distance. Pt England school had cross country on the 11th of September.

Pt England school comes together and does a big run. There are 2 or more house captains in each house colour. The colours that are involved are Takitumu (Yellow), Te Arawa (Red), Tainui (Blue) and the last house is Matatua (Green).  Us students can dress into our cross country house colours if we want to. All of Pt England students are involved in the big run.

Depending on the age of a person, the cross country has different distances. The younger students are, the shorter the distance. The older they are, the longer the distance. Due to the fact that cross country is a very long distance and lengthy run, it pushes a person to complete the run.

Cross country is similar to a marathon. But it's not. A marathon is much longer and it takes more preparation and training for. Cross country is a race that you can push yourself.

You see cross country is not that easy. And you really have to push yourself to finish the race off properly.

Monday, 8 September 2014

Prize Giving: Tyson

These are some pics of my brother Tyson. He is at his Rugby prize giving. And look at those trophy's. Our family was really proud of him and his successful trophy's.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Argument - Ban Plastic Bags

Date: Tuesday 2nd September 2014

Dear Prime Minister John Key

I am writing this letter to make a complaint about how many plastic bags  are going into the Pacific Ocean. Our sea creatures are suffering and dying because of the plastic bags that have been thrown into our sea.

As a concerned student our large supermarkets use a lot of plastic bags. At supermarkets and at shopping outlets, plastic bags should be charged for 10c or 60c at least. Too many plastic bags are being dumped or end up in our oceans which affects the marine life.

Plastic bags damage our environment. I am sure that we can agree that if we do take a step, we as a country can all make a change . So Mr Key, we need a law change to be able to start banning plastic bags or charging people for more.

We should use less plastic bags and begin caring more for our creatures in the sea.  

Yours sincerely
Pt England School