Thursday, 3 December 2015

Nikita - Oakley Creek!

The History Of Superman!

Chameleon Poem/Drawing

I am me as chubby as can be
Descendants of Niue
As proud as can be. My
Ancestors traditions passed down
our family tree. Tamakautonga,
Avaele, Lakepa 3 villages in which I belong.
Both my parents define as being strong.
My siblings in total I have five, 4 brothers 1 sister who help me strive.
I am Nikita so loving and shy.
Setting goals and Aiming High.
My love for music I want to proceed. I always like trying something new .
Although I have limits In activities to do. I try my best to always pull through.
The most important thing is family and I am blessed that my parents had me!

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Word Problem!!

Here is a working out of a problem I have done and figured out.
This shows how I worked out the problem and using all sorts of different Strategies.

Working Out!!

Here is a google drawing to show 2 ways of solving a problem. And as you can see here I have created this drawing to show you how I worked out this problem!