Thursday, 30 April 2015

Anzac Button Timeline:

1915 - Anzac Day
After the war finished the soldier took off his jacket and shoved it at the back of his closet for another yeah. He pushed it to right to the back so no one will see.
25th of April. 1915
New Zealand of Australian troops landed in Gallipoli which is in turkey were the war was being held.
April - A Few Years later
The soldier was getting very old and he never came back for his jacket in the closet. Plus ella found his jacket in the closet and carefully took off the the buttons off the jacket and sewed it onto a piece a red , long ribbon and made it into a necklace to remember her grandpa when he took part in the war.
Here is my timeline about the anzac button.!!!!

My Presentation!!

Here is my presentation of my reading about the anzac button!!!!!!!