Monday, 29 June 2015

Accidental Plastics!

Here is my presentation all about Accidental Plastics. This presentation is about what objects are made out of plastic and whoo invented things and interesting facts.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Article - Boy Who Blessed Homeless Man

In breaking news, there has been a little boy blessed a hungry homeless man, in an Alabama waffle house. Josiah Duncan a 5 year old boy entered the waffle house with his mother Ava Faulk. As Josiah was eating his meal he spotted a man sitting on the table with no food who looked hungry.

Five year old Josiah asked his mother some questions, “why is that man dirty? Why are his clothes ripped?, and why doesn't he have any food?”. His mother Ava Faulk explained to her son that “he might not have a place to stay, and that maybe he can't afford a meal”. Josiah was feeling sympathetic because he had something good to eat and the homeless man was just sitting at a bare table.

Josiah was really disappointed to hear that about a homeless man. He decided to ask his mother to buy the homeless man something to eat.  Josiah went over to the table and asked the man if he wanted something to eat.  With joy the homeless man was really grateful that he came over. Josiah said “you can't order food without a menu”, so Josiah went over and got a menu for the man.

The homeless man ordered a burger. As he  was ordering a burger he asked Josiah if he could have some bacon as well. Josiah was so kind he said “sure”. Customers and staff were really touched with how the little boy (Josiah) went  and got him something to eat as well as taking it over to him.

As the poor man was about to take his first bite of his burger Josiah wanted to sing a song to bless the food. Josiah started singing as loud as his little voice could go. Josiah blessed the food by singing and praying. WSFA 12 news reported, Josiah`s prayer was “God our father, god our father , we thank you, we thank you, for many blessings, for our many blessings, Amen, Amen. “The man cried, I cried, everybody cried”, Faulk admitted.

Once Josiah finished singing, the poor man ate his food and left with a full stomach, while Ava faulk left with happiness and she was proud of how he felt empathy of what he had displayed  .

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

My Math Problem

Here I have a problem that was solved by myself. Today in our maths class we had to pick a problem and work it out individual. So here is my problem solved. I have learn how to use area all your doing is using your time tables and so I used my 11 time tables.