Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Do you know what a Breakup is?. Well a breakup is a celebration that we always do at Mangere College for putting their best effort in polyfest. We always get together to have the opportunity to have one last laugh with them and get to know them well. And it runs in the family. Mangere College made there tutors proud and happy and because of that they represented our culture like they meant it. And so we celebrate there lovely effort. And they showed the Niuean stage they have skill in themselves and they can win something for once in their lives.

As you can see the amazing tutors are ... my aunty and my mum. My mum and aunty have always made the Niuean group do there best. But she just lets them know that they can trust what they are doing and hope that they can give it their best shot. I always go to the practice wit my mum and my little brother. And in that group I have 2 cousins that are in that group. You see my mum always sleeps at midnight because she has to prepare the songs and other things for the group. It is really amazing getting to see my own culture group at polyfest.

When they had to perform their item to the audience. And I did not get to see them only my brother because I came to school. School is more important to me than going to polyfest. And because of that I always go to their practices and I do not want to disturb and destroy the big moment.  But I got to she it when I got home. It was GREAT.

The placings was 3rd place for Kamataaga. 1st place for Tame, 1st place for Meke. 2nd place for Takalo and in a tie in 3rd place was Mangere College and Henderson for Fakaotiaga and they came 3rd for overall. So that was good and I am so proud of them. There places aint that bad its amazing to see them happy and cheerful.


Barrett Baker said...

Hello there! I am a student at the University of South Alabama in a class called EDM310. I love your blog! It is so colorful and cheerful. Polyfest sounds like a lot of fun. It sounds like it would be fun to watch it and be on stage too!
Barrett Baker
Barrett's Blog

Nikita said...

Hi there Barrett Baker,

Thank you for your comment. I really want to see your blog. Tell me about it. I really wanted to go but I have work to do. So thank you very much for your comment.

Kind Regards
Class 2
Pt england school.

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